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In the 1920s, three historical players set up suggestion boxes (Ministry of Defense, PTT and Michelin). Then, the industrial sector took it up as part of the amelioration keeps going quality procedures. With the rise of digital technology and collaborative platforms, the scope is widening towards open collaborative innovation and it is thus, all the sectors of activity which have followed the movement for today to extend to the society as a whole and to move towards the era of co-innovation and participatory.

Recent examples? The citizens’ convention, the great debate, the participatory consultation for the Pacte law, third places of innovation, fab labs, Cousinades of social security organizations …

Finding and implementing new ideas and solutions that are useful and beneficial to the community remain its sole raison d’être! Not so simple because participatory innovation is governed by a few fundamental principles listed in the participatory innovation benchmark of the Innov’Acteurs association.

Thus, its implementation requires a certain number of precautions of use including:

Take the time to understand the why (meaning) and the object of the participatory innovation project (ambition): develop the culture of innovation, improve the quality of customer relations, develop new services, products, save money energy, set up QVT, …,

Grant the license to dare, the right to make mistakes and the possibility of starting over,

Recognize and promote the skills of the authors of ideas: award ceremony, gifts, Learning expedition, promotion, …,

Professionalize the chain of actors (training),

Maintain the flame of individual and collective commitment by relying on communication, human resources development programs including softskills (creativity and critical thinking in particular),

Agree to allocate time for and some financial and human resources.

Some benchmarks to help assess the way that remains to be covered:

In 2016, 60% of French workers considered that they were more creative outside their organization, (IA-CapitalCOM study)

In 2019, the main obstacles remain time, financial resources and the lack of recognition (IA study)

In 2020, the aspirations of the French focus on: taking into account the well-being of employees (60%), their ability to innovate (28%), the meaning of their activity (31%), a horizontal and participatory organization ( 24%) (survey of 21H23H France Infos

Participatory innovation has always sought to put people back at the heart of the company, organizations and ultimately the heart of the new society announced.

An organization, whatever it is, has the responsibility of listening, promoting the emergence and realization of the ideas of its employees and also today of its associated stakeholders. In addition to a participatory management style, it now has a number of tools and methods that are all useful for its successful implementation, from the simplest to the most sophisticated while promoting personal development.

As part of its annual participatory innovation trophies, the INNOV’ACTEURS association supports and promotes committed and innovative organizations in the participatory innovation system. It also draws on the good practices of its members who are all seasoned practitioners in the use of participatory innovation and this in the rules of the art.

Examples with the panel of winners 2020

Implement a challenge on a targeted theme: The CAF (family allowance fund) of the Var for its # Remote but all together challenge to unite all the agents around the issue of maintaining continuity of service.

Make a hackaton : Hopscotch which organized a “Hop.e” hackathon with its 800 employees around the world, in multilingual, to reinvent its professions tomorrow. Five winning projects were selected by the group.

Expand l‘intra-entrepreneurship : ENEDIS for a 100% collaborative approach co-built with employees, which allows field ideas to emerge, which will be selected by employees and no longer via an innovation committee. The idea carrier becomes intrapreneur and project manager throughout the experimentation phase

Make a participatory consultation on strategic orientations: Allianz France, including 1,200 employees over a period of three months, determined the five societal changes that will disrupt the profession of general insurer, each having major consequences on the markets of Allianz France.

Practice creativity and open innovation : the Hauts-de-Seine Department initiated the Curious Lab ‘in March 2019. Thanks to contributions from students and college students, this laboratory is a breeding ground for innovative ideas at the service of municipalities.

IA2020 Trophies:

The best is yet to come

In a context of multiple crises, demand for an acceleration of the ecological transition and also at the dawn of a new philosophy of ‘making society’, participatory innovation usefully brings the knowledge, the know-how and the know-how to be necessary to live well together with a view to the development of a business with missions and a common good to cultivate.

Its user journey is easy to use: participate in collective intelligence, innovate with creativity and daring, do things by granting oneself the right to make mistakes, spread in a logic of sharing and improvement and celebrating commitment collective!

The participatory innovation manifesto co-constructed during the collective intelligence workshops of the Carrefour 2020

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