Pass that does not pass. Intelligence services, the concern grows

A few hours ago our Pyrenean shepherd of prime minister, mamamouchi in chief of a France on the brink of explosion warned that “the worst is in front of us”.

Our dear Castex, actually has no idea how right he is, because his leader, the mamamouchi of the Grand Palais, the lighthouse in the night, the great helmsman of the country, what am I saying, our national Jupiter (we have still the right to compliment the Head of State, even if it’s ironic) and ultimately too much sycophancy is much more effective than slaps and insults!

In short, at the Palace they mess around full blast. The other staged himself on TV to threaten the French and this intervention was experienced, which is very interesting from a social point of view, as a declaration of war, as an unacceptable act of authoritarianism affecting what people had and have most valuable, their work and their daily lives.

By wanting to rot people’s lives, of course, we risk a tad of “radicalizing” them to put it modestly. If Macron and his minions had read the art of war, they would know not to corner people, because a tiger caught in a trap will fight to the death, so you always have to leave a way out.

It is the first time in the history of our country that a power clearly expresses its will to “rot the lives” of people, citizens. Other powers have done it, but they never had the filthy stupidity to say it, and proudly proclaim it. As for journalists and other zealots who repeat that it is good to “spoil” the lives of others, they are at best fools, at worst stupid, but you have to be all the same damn stupid to allow yourself to say that without imagine for a single moment that they risk taking a “piss-off”!

Obviously, many of us have another vision of politics and public action should never aim to spoil the lives of some.

We are therefore no longer at all in a medical or vaccine question but very deeply political.

Intelligence is worried about the mapping of the movement!

The information therefore looked at the motivation of the people.

Against vaccination?

Not at all.

For freedom.

The profile ?

Of all !

Of all colors, origins, social as cultural, united France in all its diversity which will explode in the face of the imbeciles who run this country in the worst possible way.

In other words, it’s everyone… and that’s really not good from the point of view of the State.

Intelligence note worried about anti-vaccine movement

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) July 20, 2021

As you know, I consider that non-violence is a fundamental principle to be followed in social struggles, because it is necessary to win the hearts of the people to gain the final victory and on the heart side, the deficit of macronia is obvious that even the Pravda-worthy propaganda of our mainstream media cannot hide.

This is why the boycott of places where the health pass is required must be total.

Indeed, all non-vaccinated can access these places on presentation of a PCR test. Boycott all these places systematically. And the vaccinated and holders of a pass, must do the same and it is also the large presence of vaccinated that worries the power. Type them in the heart, in the money, the profits and the profits.

Next Saturday, there will be more big demonstrations, unprecedented in history during the months of July or August. The summer heat and the stormy climate combine all the conditions for this to explode in the face of a government and a head of state who has decided to punish its population.

If the intelligence services report is correct and if I share most of the findings, they have not said why.

So I will tell you my analysis, hoping that it inspires a little understanding in those who govern us before it is too late for the stability of our nation, and that from this understanding springs some wisdom, and why not, also a bit of survival instinct.

Never has a king declared that he was going to rot people’s lives!

Never a king, never an emperor, never a president of the council, or a president of the republic, never a leader, in the 2000 years of history of Gaulle from Julius Caesar to the present day has said or declared that he was going to rot the life of his people and make life impossible for his people. Once again, some have done it or certain policies carried out have led to this, but never, oh never has it been the starting point for political decisions.

Here is gentlemen of the information, the deep reason of what will sweep over the country, this is the cause of the terrible fire which is smoldering and which has just lit the pyromaniac firefighter of the Elysee Palace.

He is the one and only responsible for it and has just created the conditions for a social and societal tsunami uniting all categories of French people, which in fact makes the situation considerably more dangerous than during the protests of the yellow vests.

Information is concerned?

They’re right.

The worst is ahead of us, and here too Castex is right.

You cannot decently rot people’s lives by believing that everything will be okay. And I am neither for nor against, I am announcing what will seem obvious in a few months.

Let us simply hope that the government will back off in time what it does not take the path of, but it would be well inspired to be voluntarily “rebutted” by the Constitutional Council in order to get out of the political dead end in which it has just been. to engage for our greatest misfortune.

The lack of wisdom that has inspired decisions for 4 years now is such that the worst is to be feared.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !