Pâtée or croquettes, what is the best food for your cat?

Diet plays a key role in a cat’s good health. But sometimes, between the croquettes or the pâtés, it is difficult to choose the one that will be suitable for your pet. It must be said that each has its own advantages and limitations.

Croquettes, dry food

Giving your cat food seems like a natural thing to do. This food is very popular because it reveals many practical aspects. First of all, it is easy to store even after opening the package. Minou can have his croquettes available all day long, without the latter left in the open air becoming stale or oxidizing. When the cat does not finish his meal, he can come back whenever he wants as soon as he is hungry. The kibbles also contribute to good oral hygiene of the animal. Chewing prevents the appearance of dental plaque and tartar. It is therefore not recommended to moisten the kibbles to take advantage of this action on the teeth.

Unfortunately, croquettes don’t have all the good sides. Their main disadvantage is that they contain only 14% moisture and are therefore very dry. When the cat does not benefit from a good hydration in parallel with this diet, it risks developing urinary disorders and kidney problems.

Mash, a wet and fresh diet

Available in trays, boxes or sachets, cat food contains a lot of water (almost 80%). They are mostly made up of meat or fish. From a nutritional standpoint, this protein content is appreciable for the good development of the feline, which – let us not forget – is a carnivore. In addition, the pâtés contain all the essential minerals and vitamins and would contain less carbohydrates than the croquettes.

The moist character of this food provides continual hydration, which helps prevent the risk of urinary or kidney problems. Moreover, when the animal is suffering from bladder or kidney infections, veterinarians recommend this mode of feeding. In case of risk of dehydration in fragile subjects such as lactating females, elderly cats or kittens, this diet is also favorable.

In addition, felines love pates because of their strong smell. It is now known that smell determines food preferences in cats. Your pet will undoubtedly enjoy it.

But if for your pet, pâtés are a real treat, this type of food will put a lot of stress on you. Unlike croquettes, pâtés cannot be left in the open for too long. The feline will then have to consume a large amount at one time. Since this is wet food, the animal’s stool will also be softer and more fragrant. As such, the strong smell of pâtés can put off more than one. Cleaning of the bowl several times a day will be necessary in this case.

Try mix-feeding

So which one wins the battle? As each food has its own strengths and limitations, we will say that it is a draw. It is advisable to choose the food according to the needs of the animal, its desires, but also of yourself, because do not forget to take into account your schedule or your budget to feed the animal well. Ideally, it is better to bet on an alternation between the croquettes and the pâtés in order to benefit from the benefits of these two foods.

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