Payment by smartphone is struggling to integrate the mores of the French

If contactless has completely entered the payment habits of the French, payment via a smartphone is struggling to find a place.

Contactless payment, the winner of the crisis

The Covid-19 health crisis will have led to the emergence of at least one winner, contactless payment. Moderately used by the French before the crisis, it experienced a peak of use during the year 2020. However, if contactless payment is democratized, contactless payment via a smartphone remains neglected compared to the bank card.

A survey conducted by Statista highlights that despite the emergence of payment solutions via smartphone and the support of banks in the face of this new possibility, only 9% of French people used this payment method during 2020. Statista believes that: “ Only around one in ten French people surveyed said they used a smartphone payment method: this is one of the lowest adoption rates in Europe. “.

The star contactless bank card

Thus, France is lagging behind, far behind Poland, where 31% of respondents used payment via smartphone in 2020. In Sweden, they are 29% or even 21% in Spain. The Swiss are also very late, since only 6% of them have used contactless payment with a smartphone.

If contactless payment via smartphone is still struggling to convince the French, its use has increased significantly since in 2019, only 1% of contactless transactions were carried out via a smartphone.

The big star of contactless payment remains the bank card which, according to the Groupement Carte Bancaire CB, experienced a use rate of 47% of all card payments at merchants in 2020, against a little more than a third in 2019