Peak oil, the worrying study of the French Ministry of the Armed Forces! – EconomyMorning

For once, our military thinkers have the courage not to replay the Maginot Line syndrome, and to look at reality as it is, that is to say with access to oil which will become scarce very quickly. from now on.

“Pic oil” or “peak oil” has been one of the best kept secrets in the world for several decades. We talk about it, we whisper it in certain circles, but officially, there is nothing to see. Move around.

It must be said that it is very difficult to operate an economy without oil.

Imagine how to wage war without a tank, without a truck, without armored vehicles, without aircraft, without logistics whose operation is based on the excessive use … of mechanized means that run on petroleum! That is why the military is looking into the subject. Waging war on electric scooters is not easy, and flying fighter planes with rapeseed oil is not easy either!

On the civilian side, look at the ban on diesel cars. It will make you squeal terribly. But it will quickly be the ban on cars with thermal engines in general.

We all know that electric cars are ecological and environmental foolishness.

The stars who lead us know this as well as I do and anyone who has not yet definitely unplugged their brains.

The problem is not ecology, the problem is the disappearance of oil!

The problem is the availability of oil in large quantities and for everyone. It is also from this angle that we must see the Beijing-Paris railway line of the Silk Roads.

What does the study commissioned by the Ministry of the Armed Forces show us?

That there will be no more oil for 2030, but that it has already started largely in 2020.

This 180-page study that you can consult here, or there for the 30-page summary, also gives a date, and that date is the break of the 1930s.

In fact to tell you the truth, it’s been known for a long time, and readers accustomed to this site, have already read the “prophecies” of the “fin-du-mondiste” Yves Cochet who knowing very well that he does not there will be more car buy him… a carriage with horses!

Globalization is the apogee, the apotheosis of the Oleocene, this period of our development based on the excessive use of fossil fuels with limited stocks.

There will be some to tell me about abiotic oil, or the limitless resources that we have yet to find but that will save us.

The sad reality is that Total is preparing to stop selling oil.

The sad reality is that the International Energy Agency explains to you that we should no longer invest in oil.

The sad reality is that you’re going to end up best in electric carts that don’t even get you across the country in a few hours, but in days to “refuel”.

The sad reality is that we do not know how to feed 8 billion human beings without tractors, without fertilizers, without food industries requiring billions of liters of fuel.

So behind the term “energy transition” hides the end of the oil-based world!

And it will not be joyful to see or experience.

The city is outdated, and there is something you can do to make the best of this complex and difficult decade ahead. Start by leaving the city, by going green. Think resilience, piece of land. Think skills and knowledge, think autonomy and solidarity. Think happy sobriety and voluntary simplicity. Cities, in such a context, will undoubtedly be very uncomfortable (and I am weighing my words). Also remember not to be too far from large metropolises to take advantage of employment areas as long as they exist.

The ecological transition will be violent. The media propaganda will be strong to make you swallow it, because there is no choice. What we are not telling you is the truth, because if you knew, in less than two Paris would empty, the countryside would fill up, the economy and the great balances would be upset. States always want to “manage” things gently in order to avoid sudden movements.

In the end, if stability is assured, people are screwed up.

Don’t get screwed. Prepare yourselves.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !