PEL: UFC-Que Choisir sues the Postal Bank for “illegal practices”

The consumer defense association, UFC-Que Choisir, has decided to take the Postal Bank to court to put an end to ” illegal practices ”Surrounding the home savings plan, also known as the PEL.

illegal practices »From the Postal Bank

In a press release published on Wednesday, March 31, 2021, UFC-Que Choisir highlights its decision to sue the Postal Bank to put an end to its “ illegal practices “. The consumer defense association accuses the Postal Bank of forcing ” for a few months now, its customers holding a home savings plan (PEL) to open a paying current account under penalty of closing their PEL “. A current account ” at a minimum price of 13.20 euros per year and can be billed close to 100 euros “.

UFC-Que Choisir believes that this is ” illegal practices »Set up by the Postal Bank. She recalls that ” the ELP is a free product and no legal provision requires its holder to also open a current account in the bank concerned. Thus, by forcing its customers with a PEL to open a paying current account, under penalty of closing the said PEL, the Postal Bank went against the principle of free PEL.

UFC-Que Choisir sues

The UFC-Que Choisir highlights in its press release that faced with the Postal Bank’s injunction, some customers refused to open a current account and ” others have demonstrated that they meet the only regulatory requirement, namely regular payments. But all saw their PEL closed. Faced with this, the association asked the Postal Bank to change its position. The latter simply agreed to change its mail.

An insufficient response, which prompted UFC-Que Choisir to seize the Judicial Court of Paris in order to put an end to the illegal practices of the Postal Bank but also to put an end to the closure of PELs, customers having refused to submit to the requirements of the Postal bank.