Philipps breathing apparatuses are withdrawn from the market because they are too dangerous

Philips will recall some of its respiratory aid devices due to a risk of degradation and toxicity of a foam component that could become carcinogenic, the Dutch group specializing in medical equipment and health products said.

Potentially carcinogenic respiratory systems

If Philiips has a lot fell on the stock market today it is because the group announced recall certain sleep apnea treatment devices on the grounds that they are defective. The breathing apparatus of the Dutch group would carry a risk of degradation and toxicity of a foam component which could become carcinogenic. An operation that will cost the company 250 million euros.

The problem actually stems from foam used to reduce device noise. With use, it can deteriorate and small particles that break off can be inhaled and irritate the respiratory cars.

Prepare for a shortage in the field

“In consultation with the relevant regulatory bodies and in close collaboration with our customers and partners, we are working hard to find a solution, which includes the deployment of updated operating instructions and a comprehensive repair and replacement program for affected devices ”, said Managing Director Frans van Houten.

The recall could take a year, which means that Philipps will not be able to serve new customers. “ So there will be a shortage on the ground ”Said Frans von Houten.