Pig temper: is this expression really correct?

Many French expressions evoke this friendly animal of the family of suidae. Among the most common phrases in the language popular figure “have a pig character”. What does this sentence imply? What is his origin ? Does it reflect reality? Decryption.

What does it mean to “have a character of a pig”?

A person with a pig character behaves in such a way unpleasant, gets angry over a trifle, gets carried away over nothing. In short, she has a bad temper. It is especially in the literature of XIXe century that the formula was frequently used, initially referring to the boar. Why ? Because this pig not castrated and used for reproduction, had the reputation of becoming aggressive and irascible with age. Thus, “Foaming like a boar”, another common expression at the time, meant to easily indulge in the anger and mood swings.

Does the pig have a bad temper?

The beginnings of domestication of the porcine species date back to around 7,000 BC. This practice has generated an evolution genetic resulting in physiological and morphological changes in suidae, but also behavioral, especially towards humans. Pigs get a bad rap for being smart, sociable and very sensitive. Scientists compare their capabilities cognitive to those of elephants, dolphins and great apes. The pig can for example indulge in sessions of Game, like a dog. He is also gifted with emotions such as fear, frustration and pleasure. He knows how to show himself Hug and look for petting and scratching on the stomach. Thus, the suidae turns out to be very friendly and obedient when he enjoysinteractions regular. Without stimulation, the animal is likely to become moody and destructive, to do as it pleases. As with any domestic animal, a poor upbringing can make it unmanageable or even aggressive and give reason to the expression “to have a character of pig”!

How does the pig express its anger?

As seen previously, the pig can become stubborn and provocative if he does not benefit from an appropriate education. When the frame hierarchical is not clearly established, he regularly tries to deliver theauthority of his family in question through various behaviors, but he may also simply want to show a unhappiness. As such, the suide expresses its mood movements in different ways. Being a prey in the wild it does not like to be worn. When gestures displease or frighten him, he tries to flee and isolate himself. Often a pig will first have moaned to make people understand that they are disturbing him. If this first Warning is not enough, the pig can pretend to bite or outright bite. His reaction is usually so sudden and quick that it is impossible to anticipate him. To translate his discontent, he is also able to reverse or destroy everything that is within easy reach (plants, furniture, etc.). As a last resort, it can also load and seriously injure a human or animal. In view of its size, it is better to avoid confrontation by acting in a way that never forges a pig-like character in him.

What if her pig is grumpy?

The main cause of aggression in a pig is a bad Education. If the animal takes the place of the chief at home, the situation will inevitably escalate. It is necessary from the start limits, be firm as with a dog: teach him the “no” and stand in front of him to display his authority. As smart as fearful, the suide should in no case be punished or mistreated because he will lose his confidence in the human and cohabitation will end badly. A pig who considers his master as the dominant, will be kind and obedient. More effective than any sanction, education through positive reinforcement is to immediately reward a good deed with a pat on the head, a compliment and a little treat. On the other hand, studies have found that places cramped favored aggressive behavior in the species. Therefore, the pig must live in a space sufficiently vast to respond to his nosy temperament and enriched with toys to stimulate him mentally. With all due respect to those who disguise the suide with a bad temper: a pig happy is gentle as a lamb!