Pinel law in Bordeaux: changes & rents 2021 – economy

You wanted to invest in Pinel law in a new real estate program in Bordeaux this year?

Good news: the finance law for 2021 confirms the extension of the Pinel law.

Other good news, the text tells us that the Pinel device will reduce its taxation for a rental investment in a new program until 2024.

Less good news, eligible real estate and the tax reduction rate are subject to some revisions.

Small update on the novelties of the Pinel 2021 law and on the new rents (which have just been announced) for Bordeaux investors.

The Pinel 2021 law in Bordeaux and the towns of Gironde

Note that if some changes will take place, the Pinel in Bordeaux remains the same until 2023. Namely, a significant tax reduction for buyers of new apartments in Bordeaux or in the Girondine tense zone (B1 Pinel zone), with the aim of renting it to a person with moderate resources .

In Gironde, the Pinel B1 zone mainly concerns the coast and the municipalities closest to the city of Bordeaux, but not only the inner ring:









Villenave d’Ornon,





70 municipalities are in the Pinel B1 tense zone in the department 33.

Pinel law in Toulouse: exit new houses!

From 01/01/2021, the system is reserved for apartments in new collective real estate programs; the new house is no longer eligible.

The investment in Pinel law in a new real estate program in Bordeaux is only possible on a collective residence. Article 199 novovicies of the tax code which dictates the conditions of access to Pinel replaces the word “housing” by “collective dwelling building”.

Article R.111-18 of the construction and housing code defines the collective residential building as follows:

The number of apartments must be greater than 2.

There must be superimposition of the housings, even partial, direct or indirect.

The date taken into account is that of the deposit of the building permit. The new programs of houses having filed a building permit in 2020 are still eligible for the Pinel device in Bordeaux.

Pinel Law in Bordeaux: Green housing and priority neighborhoods spared from falling rates

The amendments proposed by the government to the Finance 2021 law provide for a list of exceptions to these tax reduction reductions, with the stated objective of supporting new real estate programs that are the most respectful of the environment.

amendment n ° II-3646 presented by the government in November 2020

The provisions … do not apply to housing located in a priority district of the city policy, or which respect a level of quality, in particular in terms of energy and environmental performance, higher than the regulations, whose criteria are defined by decree.

Apartments with the best performance in terms of energy consumption and insulation will therefore potentially retain the Pinel rates applicable in 2021 even after 2022. The conditions will be specified by decree.

In Bordeaux, new BEPOS (Positive Energy buildings) programs have already been offered for purchase since 2016; like “Les Voiles du Lac” built by Bouygues Immobilier Aquitaine.

Collective programs located in priority areas of Bordeaux and towns located in B1 Pinel area will not be affected either.

Spread over 12 cities in the Bordeaux metropolitan area, public policies of Bordeaux have 21 priority neighborhoods :

The Lake, Palmer

Saraillère – May 8, 45 – Dravemont,

Paty Monmousseau,

Saint Michel,


Yser – Pont De Madame,

Benauge – Henri Sellier – Léo Lagrange,

Alpilles-Vincennes-Bois Fleuri,



water desert,

Carle Vernet – New Land,


Chestnut grove – Arago,

Génicart East,

Grand Caillou,

Big park,

Jean Jaurès,

Field Of Course District,

Quartier De L’Avenir,


Nothing changes in Pinel in Bordeaux until 2023!

Not only is the Pinel system in Bordeaux not dead, but it offers us the luxury of a few more years.

On the other hand, the maximum tax exemption rates are still applicable only until December 31, 2022.

Translation: the sooner you invest in new housing in Bordeaux or in the B1 zone towns, the greater your tax savings will be.

Note that it is the date of filing of the building permit that is taken into account. The reduction in Pinel tax exemption rates will affect new real estate investments from the first quarter of 2023.

Example: In the first quarter of 2021, Jules and Jim invest in a new program whose delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2022 in a 3-room apartment of 60m² in the heart of Saint-Médard-en-Jalles for a price of € 200,000.

If the couple offers the apartment for rent for 6 years, they will be able to save € 24,000 in taxes. If he chooses to rent it for 9 years, he will save € 36,000 and if he rents it for 12 years, he will be able to reduce his taxes by € 42,000. Translation the State will pay him (in the form of tax deduction) about 21% of the purchase price of the apartment.

The finance law for 2021 tells us that from 2023, the reduction will be lowered to 10.5%, 15% or 17.5% for the same rental periods. It will fall again in 2024.

Table of upcoming Pinel reductions in Bordeaux and zone B1 of Gironde





6 years





9 years





12 years





How to calculate a Pinel 2021 rent in Bordeaux

The new rent ceilings imposed on housing invested in Pinel have just been communicated on the website of the Ministry of Territorial Cohesion.

The ceiling for setting the Pinel rent for your tenants in 2021 has been set at € 10.51 / m² for Bordeaux and all the B1 Pinel zones.

Formula for calculating the rent of the Pinel apartments in Bordeaux and in zone B1: 10.51 x (0.7 + 19 / floor space) x floor space.

Attention, for 1 room as for 5 rooms or more, the weighted surface must be taken into account for the calculation of the rent, that is to say the living space + half of the annexed surfaces: loggia, terrace, balcony …, up to 8 m².

As the owner of a rented accommodation in Pinel, you can revalue the rent paid by your tenant during the lease.

How? ‘Or’ What ? The lease must contain a clause allowing the annual review of rents. You can then increase the price of the rent on the date provided for in the lease. Otherwise, it can be modified on the anniversary of its signature.

Why invest in Pinel in Bordeaux in 2021 and 2022?

As you can see, to obtain the best rate of tax exemption under the Pinel law in Bordeaux, it would be wise to invest in a new program, from studios to 5 rooms or more, before the rate cut on January 1, 2023.

The purchase of housing in the new real estate park in Bordeaux for rental investment purposes under the Pinel law has 5 major advantages:

You significantly reduce your taxes

The rate of the tax reduction in Pinel law depends on the rental period of your new apartment in Bordeaux:

12% of the price of the accommodation for a rental period of 6 years

18% of the price of the accommodation for a 9-year rental

21% of the accommodation price for a 12-year rental

You can buy without contribution

Real estate investment in Pinel in the prefecture of Nouvelle-Aquitaine allows you to borrow. As a reminder, this is not possible for an investment in the financial markets. This opportunity allows you to invest without necessarily having savings.

You build up real estate assets in a “tense” city

A financial investment in new real estate in Bordeaux has an attractive long-term rate of return. It allows you to build a healthy heritage that will be easy to pass on.

You can rent to your family

Unlike the Duflot law, the Pinel law allows the rental of your new apartment in Bordeaux to a member of your family. From studios to 5 rooms or more, as long as the person renting your apartment under the Pinel law in Bordeaux is not included in your tax household, you can accommodate them.

You are preparing for your retirement

At the end of the imposed rental period for new accommodation in Bordeaux, you can dispose of your apartment or house as you see fit. You can then continue to offer it for rent to earn additional income, resell it for added value or even establish your life project.

Investing in the Pinel law raises a number of questions and the new real estate market in Bordeaux has its own rules.

In Gironde, the broker IMMO9 Bordeaux specializes in the purchase of new real estate. Consulting a real estate broker is often a wise idea to ensure a profitable investment.

Investing in the Pinel law raises a number of questions and the new real estate market in Bordeaux has its own rules.

In Gironde, the broker IMMO9 Bordeaux specializes in the purchase of new real estate. Consulting a real estate broker is often a wise idea to ensure a profitable investment.