Plane: two-thirds fewer passengers in 2020 – economy

Health measures, travel restrictions and confinement are causing air traffic to collapse around the world. Confirmation arrived through Iata (International Air Transport Association) on Wednesday February 3, 2021, with the release of official statistics.

The record decline reached in April 2020

France and a large number of countries around the world have severely confined their populations during the spring of 2020, hoping that this is enough to stop the pandemic. A decision which, in terms of the spread of the virus, was a failure: there were just over a million confirmed cases of Covid-19 worldwide at the start of April 2020, we exceeded 104 million on February 4, 2021.

But these drastic decisions will have had an effect, expected, on air travel: the Iata emphasizes thatin April 2020 air traffic will be only 5% of the normal level. A historic drop of 95%, from which the airline sector has struggled to recover.

66% fewer passengers over the year in 2020

If national and international connections have since resumed, the level still remains low: in December 2020, according to Iata, only 70% of passengers took the plane compared to the same month of 2019. A level certainly up sharply compared to to April 2020, but which does not make up for the losses.

Over the year 2020, the Iata deplores a 66% drop in the number of passengers, with a much larger drop in international traffic (-75.6%) than in national traffic (-48.8%).

The latter, in France, is also attacked by the government: air travel within the country should gradually disappear as soon as the trip is achievable in less than 2:30 by train. A measure aimed at accelerating the country’s ecological transition, as train travel is less polluting than its counterparts by plane.

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