Plastic packaging: new obligations for market players

The decree establishing new obligations for companies in terms of reducing the use of plastic packaging, its reuse and recycling has just been published. To be in the nails, they should not be long: the first deadline is set for January 1, 2025.

Haro on “unnecessary” plastic packaging

The eagerly awaited decree known as “3R” (for “Reduce-Reuse-Recycler”) was published in the Official Journal on April 30, 2021. If this news is good for the environment, the players in the plastic packaging market will have to go to great lengths to adapt quickly. At the heart of this decree there are five principles: the elimination of single-use plastic packaging, the reduction of the unit mass of plastic incorporated in single-use plastic packaging, the use of refill devices, the substitution in single-use plastic packaging of plastic by other materials and the replacement of single-use packaging with reused or reused packaging (mainly via bulk devices).

So, what exactly are the new obligations? By December 31, 2025, manufacturers (cosmetics, food, cleaning products for example) must ensure that they have eliminated unnecessary single-use plastic packaging, defined as those having no essential technical function. . The essential technical function is understood only as a function of protection, health and integrity of products, transport and regulatory information support.

Manufacturers are now obliged to facilitate the recycling of their plastic packaging

Another obligation, as of January 1, 2025 this time: manufacturers using plastic packaging for their products must ensure that this packaging has an operational recycling channel and does not contain inseparable substances or elements liable to limit the use of recycled material. Manufacturers must also incorporate recycled material into their plastic packaging, ” to support the development of recycling channels and the growth of their outlets “.

In short, in addition to the total elimination of unnecessary packaging, this decree sets the objective of moving towards 100% recycling of single-use plastic packaging by January 1, 2025 and that of reducing plastic packaging for use by 20%. single by the end of 2025.