Pokémon: a Belgian refuses 415,000 euros for his very rare card

We sometimes have real treasures without knowing it. Recently a Pokémon fan, if you don’t know Pokémon, ask your children or grandchildren to explain to you, found an extremely rare card in their collection.

Extremely rare Pokémon cards

So rare that there are altogether 2000 in the world. One of them sold for over 400,000 euros at the start of the year. Our collector hopes to get 1 million euros out of it.

If your kids have a large collection of Pokémon cards, ask them if they don’t have very rare ones, in their opinion. They might be surprised, and so will you, to discover that they are worth a few dozen, sometimes a few hundred dollars. And if they’re worth even more, think of me, I’ll settle for 10%.

Other valuable collections

But it’s not just Pokémon in life. Did one of your children collect the Lego Star Wars at one time? Here again, some ships that are no longer manufactured are worth small fortunes on Bon Coin or Ebay. It’s not just toys that can be collected of course. Old coins in a drawer can also be worth pennies. This is the case with certain series of 1 and 5 francs coins, with the famous sower.

Not to mention that some 5-franc coins were in silver, and therefore have an intrinsic value.. As everything is collected, everything can be of value: old books, old papers, old stocks, old banknotes. The only condition for an object to be of value, if it is rare and therefore sought after, is its state of preservation. Damaged, it will unfortunately be worth much less than in good condition. Don’t throw it away. Everything, or almost everything, is repaired, restored, cleaned.

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