Pool kit: advantages, disadvantages, construction price

In order to achieve significant savings, many homeowners opt for theself-construction of their swimming pool. This is why they are more inclined to turn to the pool kit that does not require, supposedly does not require the intervention of a professional. In any case, this is what we will see after reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of the pool kit as well as the budget to be devoted to it.

What is a swimming pool kit?

Different from the concrete swimming pool, the kit swimming pool is shaped in the workshop or in the factory and then delivered to the customer in detached pieces. It comes in different models:

  • Tubular pool kit : PVC swimming pool whose structure is made of metal tubes. It is the cheapest model on the market since its price is in a range of 1000 to 8000 € depending on its dimensions. Some models of very small size only cost a few hundred dollars.
  • Rigid pool kit : these are wood, resin, concrete or even steel panels that form the structure of the pool. This pool kit costs, depending on its dimensions, between 3,000 and 14,000 €.

If you want your pool kit to be buried or semi-buried, it is of course necessary to carry out demolition work which greatly complicates its installation.

Pool kit: the advantages

If the swimming pool kit has a large number of private individuals, it is because it presents serious assets, to know :

  • Ideal swimming pool for self-construction,
  • Is delivered to the customer ready to install,
  • You can ride it at your own pace, depending on your availability, and it is relatively quick to install. For information, a few days are enough to install a semi-buried wooden kit pool, but in a single morning, it can simply be placed above ground,
  • The semi-underground kit model is particularly suitable for very steep terrain,
  • Does not require a large budget since by building it yourself you save on the cost of labor, which represents a substantial amount.

We also appreciate the fact that no prior request is to be sent to the town hall if you wish to install an above-ground swimming pool in your garden, provided that it is for a period of less than three months and outside protected areas. The regulations regarding the construction of swimming pools must be strictly observed. Before installing a swimming pool kit, it is strongly recommended to check with the town hall of your municipality because in some cases, specific restrictions are imposed by local urban planning rules, which means that it varies from common to the other.

Pool kit: the disadvantages

The swimming pool kit does not only have advantages, far from it. It cannot satisfy people who dream of having an XXL swimming pool with an original shape and in which it is possible to dive. Indeed, it does not exceed the following dimensions:

  • 8 m in diameter for a round model,
  • 10 m in length for a rectangular pool kit,
  • 1.30 m deep.

This is not much if you want to enjoy the pleasures of swimming with family or friends, or to practice swimming at home.

In addition to its reduced dimensions, the pool kit presents the other disadvantages following:

  • Not very aesthetic for the above-ground PVC model,
  • Does not add value to the property,
  • Limited lifespan compared to a concrete swimming pool,
  • Its construction requires real DIY knowledge and it is essential to own or hire suitable tools and earthmoving equipment, especially if the pool kit is intended to be partially or totally buried,
  • Does not benefit from the ten-year guarantee if it is not installed by a professional.

It is therefore a good compromise when you do not have a sufficient budget to afford a large concrete in-ground swimming pool, but it cannot fulfill the wildest dreams.

Price of building a swimming pool kit

We specified it above, it may well be designed for self-construction, it can not be installed by everyone. You have to know about electricity, plumbing, construction, but if you go it alone, you do not benefit from any outside help and the result can be catastrophic. Without any pejorative connotation, let’s say that the handymen of Sunday have every interest in entrust the installation of their pool kit to a craftsman or a pool specialist. In addition to benefiting from the ten-year guarantee, they will at least have the pleasure of splashing in a basin installed in the rules of the art.

In addition to the price of the pool, it is therefore better to plan a sufficient budget intended for pose. We count between 500 and 1,200 € for have your pool assembled by a pro, but the score increases if specific arrangements are desired in order to create a more aesthetic environment. In any case, the price can only be fixed on a case-by-case basis. It is therefore strongly recommended to use an online comparator to quickly receive several quotes pool installation kit. It’s free and without obligation.

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