Popcorn is making a comeback in the cinema

When the cinemas reopened on Wednesday, May 19, 2021, it was not possible to buy popcorn to accompany your cinema session. After a struggle with the government, the cinemas obtained permission to open their candy stands.

Sale authorized outside movie theaters

Since May 19, 2021, cinemas have been welcoming audiences again, but the screening took place without popcorn. Indeed, the government had conditioned the reopening of the sector on the wearing of a compulsory mask, making popcorn tasting impossible. Thus, the confectionery stands remained closed.

At the end of a standoff between the film industry and the government, the Minister of Culture took a step forward, authorizing the sale of food outside the rooms, reveals BFM Business: “ Cinemas are allowed to sell food to their customers. For catering, the rule that applies to cinemas is the same as that which applies to restaurants: possibility of take-out, as for other businesses; for consumption on site, possibility to consume on outdoor spaces only (terraces) during the first phase of reopening; then opening for consumption in interior spaces from June 9 ”. terrace, outside the cinema.

Important financial stakes

This is a relative victory for the cinema sector since popcorn is still prohibited inside screening rooms. But this decision has something for cinema managers, because as the economic channel of BFM emphasizes, the financial challenges of selling food to the cinema are not negligible. According to a study on consumption habits an the year 2018, 16% of cinema theaters’ revenues came from the sale of drinks and sweets. According to another study carried out in 2019, 48% of French spectators had bought food or drink during their last cinema screening and one in three popcorn. But among young people aged 15 to 24, this rate rises to 65%.