Pornography: how the government wants to protect children

France is finally tackling the problem of minors’ access to pornographic content. To raise awareness among adults and in particular parents, the government has launched an information platform and a shock campaign.

A third of children have seen X content

This is another important step that has just been taken in the fight against pornography. On February 9, 2021, CĂ©dric O, Secretary of State for Digital Transition and Electronic Communications and Adrien Taquet, Secretary of State for Children and Families announced the launch of the information platform, “I protect my child”. It is intended for parents, ” to tackle children’s exposure to online pornography “.

Today it is very easy for a child to access pornographic content through screens. But it is mainly the smartphone that is the most used to access X videos. And for good reason, 2/3 of children under 12 have a smartphone. According to an Opinionway poll for 20 minutes published in April 2018, by the age of 12, almost one in three children has been exposed to pornographic content. 62% of young people saw their first pornographic images before entering high school, i.e. before the age of 15. Over 82% of minors have been exposed to pornographic content. Parents, make no mistake, there is a good chance that your child has accessed pornographic content, whether unintentionally or not …

Pornography: Resources for Parents

Besides the risk of becoming addicted to porn and ending up with the same symptoms as other addictions (depression, social isolation, etc.), access to X content poses a problem for sexual relations. According to an IFOP report published in 2017, 44% of young people who have already had sex say they have tried to reproduce scenes or practices seen in pornographic films or videos. This poses a real problem since these images do not reflect reality and can – among other things – give rise to complexes.

Whether it’s on a classmate’s phone, birthday boyfriend’s tablet, or the family computer, the risk of exposure is real. It is therefore important to remain vigilant and support your child in his digital uses. “Warns” I protect my child “. She also explains that the installation of parental control systems on the various devices should therefore not exclude parents’ vigilance on the digital practice of their children “. It is therefore to help parents who find themselves more or less disadvantaged when they have to do sex education that the platform offers them tools, advice and practical resources.

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