Pregnant bitch: should her diet be adapted?

During gestation, the dog’s diet must be adapted in order to provide for their nutritional needs. It is essential to preserve his health, promote lactation, but also to allow the good development of his fetuses. Here is how to best adapt the diet of the pregnant dog so that she and her cubs do not lack anything.

Nutritional needs of the pregnant bitch

Some bitches are fed with a household food, others by croquettes or industrial mash. But even if the master takes care of the balance of the diet of his animal, it is important that he takes care to make some changes during the gestation period because the nutritional needs of the bitch who is expecting young are different. Thus, the pregnant bitch must benefit from sufficiently provided daily rations:

  • In calcium : it is essential for the constitution of the skeleton of the puppies and for the good health of their mother. If the dog’s diet does not provide enough calcium, her body will draw on the reserves, causing serious problems for both the mother and the fetuses.
  • In omega 3 and 6 : these essential fatty acids participate in the brain development of fetuses.
  • In animal proteins : they are essential for the fetuses to develop quickly.

Let us not forget also that during this particular period, the dog burns a lot of calories. Its diet must therefore provide it with sufficientenergy.

What diet to give to a pregnant dog?

We must be attentive to special nutritional needs of the mother and her fetuses, especially if one chooses a household diet which is not always well balanced. Also pay attention to poor quality canned foods which do not provide a sufficient diversity of essential nutrients to the animal. This industrial food is generally too fatty and contains a lot of water.

In either case, one may be tempted to increase the daily rations to meet the needs of the pregnant bitch. However, because her stomach is compressed by the increase in the size of the uterus, swallowing larger amounts of food causes discomfort and digestive problems. So the lactating bitch should not eat more but better.

It is strongly recommended to opt for foods of very high nutritional quality, which fulfill all physiological needs of the mother and her young. This is the Premium food specially developed for bitches expecting puppies or nursing. Veterinarians advise to adapt their diet at the end of the 4th gestation week.

Feeding the lactating bitch

After the puppies are born, it is essential to continue to give their mother a targeted diet because her body continues to have special needs, similar to those that had to be filled during gestation.

The lactating bitch must therefore receive daily a diet sufficiently rich in lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It is necessary to be vigilant on the contributions in calcium, this one must absolutely not miss. Indeed, a calcium deficiency can lead to an attack of tetany in the dog, requiring an urgent consultation so that the veterinarian can give her an injection of calcium to fill any deficiency. Otherwise, the bitch’s vital prognosis is engaged.

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