Preparing for the Christmas decor: retroplanning to anticipate

Want a stress free Christmas? Don’t wait and start planning it. Not only will you save time, but you will also save money. You will enjoy your end-of-year celebrations differently, will be more serene: the month of December will go smoothly. And you too will be able to savor this famous Christmas magic. You can be the most organized person in the world and still not escape the Christmas frenzy. So what is needed is planning. Some even go about it during the summer holidays! With everything to do from party favors and decorating to planning the Christmas dinner, you better plan ahead.

J-7 weeks: Choose a Christmas decoration

Take stock of what you already have

Before spending extra money on Christmas decorations, gifts, wrapping paper, or other essentials, take an inventory of what you have. Get rid of the broken items, sort it out, and put aside what you want to use this year. Untangle the twisted garlands, possibly classify the decorative elements by color. And already try to anticipate what you are missing or what you would like to buy or achieve yourself.

Decide on a theme

Now that you have made an inventory of the decorative elements you have available, add a common thread, and here is your theme all found. A few white decorations near the ocean and here’s a Christmas by the sea, objects in oak, beech, wicker and presto! a Christmas in the woods. You can also choose a color: a pink Christmas, a silver Christmas, etc.

D-6 weeks: Plan your trips

Whether your family is large or small, the logistics of the holiday season can quickly become a headache. This is especially true if you are all spread across the country or even the world. First, figure out when and where Christmas will take place so that everyone has enough time to plan their trip. If you’ve been planning on hosting at your home, now is also a good time to think about whatever else you’ll need. If you or other family members are relying on a hotel, you can also start researching and booking accommodation.

J-5 weeks: Make your gift list
Ask the children for their list

Discuss with your children what they would like to receive as gifts for Christmas. For the little ones, help them write their letter to Santa Claus. All this with the aim of knowing what to give them and pass on their wishes to those around you and to all those likely to give them gifts.

Think about gifts to give

List the people who will be present on your New Year’s Eve and try to put a gift in front of each name. Flip through magazines, take inspiration from the web – which you already do since you’re on this site, and brainstorm with a spouse, sibling, or friend.

List the materials needed to make DIY gifts

If you are the type who enjoys giving homemade gifts, scarves, soaps, paintings for example, now is the time to embark on these missions. Make sure you have all the supplies you need so you won’t run out for anything the day or you will start working towards them.

Think about what you would like to receive

Why not think about gifts that would make you happy? Some of your relatives may ask you the question, asking you “your list to Santa Claus”.

D-4 weeks: Make your Christmas decoration

Install your Christmas tree

The tradition of installing a Christmas tree and decorating it is one of those festive activities that children love most of all. It is true that she has the art of plunging into the Christmas spirit. For many people, the 1er December is the date when you can start installing your Christmas tree and decorations. It is just a few days before the start of Advent – the first of the four Sundays before Christmas Day.

Advent calendar

Children love the Advent calendar, which allows them the days leading up to Christmas to be given a small gift or treat. You can buy this item ready-made or you can design it yourself. There too, anticipate: there are many models. Whether in the trade or in DIY (Do It Yourself), the choice is vast.

Make your Christmas decoration

Christmas decoration is not just about the tree and the balls and garlands decorating it. Some decorate the entire exterior of their home and decorate the garden and house with large, long multicolored garlands. Some endow their front door with specific decorations, such as a holly wreath for example.

D-3 weeks: Buy and make gifts

Complete a shopping journey

You can give yourself a store itinerary to follow for the day you choose to shop to be more efficient and save time. Also try to order on the Internet, this will prevent you from having to travel multiple times.

Set up RVs to make gifts

Will you have enough time to finish everything before December? You don’t need to start doing it all in the summer months (and again!), But make a battle plan so that everything goes according to plan and you don’t get exhausted at the last minute. It’s up to you to create your own retro-planning!

D-2 week: Anticipate the Christmas meal

It may seem premature to think about your Christmas meal long before the holidays, but it will make the holidays and the holidays much easier. Start with the meat (or meat alternative) of your choice, then consider side dishes, entrees, desserts, and drinks. The menu design shouldn’t take too long and you will have two weeks to modify it if necessary. If you’re trying new recipes, consider testing them ahead of time so you can adjust the ingredients or automatically eliminate a dish that’s completely messed up. At this point, it’s also a good idea to take stock of your dishes, dishes, and cutlery, and replace or add items to complement what you already have.

Then, all you have to do is let yourself slide until D-Day while serenely enjoying the illuminations of your city and its Christmas market, the ice rink installed there for the occasion, to have your picture taken with Santa Claus and raving about the beauty of the holiday season.

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