President Biden: America and Europe must push back

President Biden called on allies to force China to account for economic activities

US President Joe Biden on 19/2 urged the US and its allies to force China to explain economic activities.

“We must repel the Chinese government’s abusive and oppressive practices that undermine the foundations of the international economic system,” US President Joe Biden said. Documentary photo: Shutterstock

President Joe Biden called in an online speech from the White House on Feb. 19 to the Munich Security Conference, Germany: “We must repel the abuse and pressure the Chinese government does. weakening the foundation of the international economic system “.

At this annual international policy conference, the US President emphasized: “Everyone must comply with the same rules of the game”.

According to CNBC news agency, this was the first time Mr. Biden made his international public debut since becoming US President. This move comes in the context of the US administration seeking to maintain a tough stance towards China.

Under President Donald Trump, Washington has worked hard to reshape the U.S.-China trade relationship, placing emphasis on pressuring Beijing to increase its imports of U.S. goods, while at the same time pushing for resolution major conflicts between the two sides, including securing intellectual property rights and forcing US businesses to transfer required technology.

After reaching a phase 1 trade agreement with China in January 2020, the same year Washington canceled additional trade talks with Beijing when Trump criticized China for spreading the Covid pandemic. -19.

The political slogan “America First” by President Donald Trump has alienated some of the European leaders who are allied with the US. But by the time of President Biden, Washington had clearly expressed its intention to warm relations with US international partners.

“I know there have been tensions and challenges to our transatlantic relationship over the past few years. But America is determined to shake hands with Europe,” Biden said in his speech. Before this speech, US President Joe Biden met with leaders of G7 countries to discuss coping measures to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a joint statement after this meeting, G7 said it would “work together and with other countries to make 2021 a turning point for multilateralism”. G7 also said that member states would pledge to finance $ 7.5 billion for the COVAX mechanism – an international initiative to increase access to Covid-19 resistant vaccines. The US alone pledges to sponsor $ 4 billion for the global vaccination against Covid-19 by 2022, The White House said February 18.

The G7 meeting of leaders also mentioned China. “With the aim of supporting the global economic system that works fairly and benefits everyone, we will coordinate with other countries, especially G20 countries, including large economies like China. National, “stated G7 joint statement.

In his speech, US President Biden cites: “American and European businesses are required to make public their governance structures … and to comply with anti-corruption rules and monopolistic practices. Therefore, Chinese enterprises also need to comply with the same standards “.

“We must defend democratic values ​​so we can do any of those rules, repel those who want monopoly and normalize repression,” Biden added. .

“This is also how we can deal with the threat from Russia” – which the head of the White House thinks is inherently wanted “to undermine the plans of Europe and the alliance. Our NATO “.

“The challenges for Russia may be different from China, but they are all real,” Biden said. “It is not about dividing the East from the West. It is not that we want conflict. We want a future where all nations can freely define their own paths. not threatened by violence or oppression, “said the US President.

“We cannot and cannot go back to the resistance opposition and the Cold War faction / bloc,” Biden called on.

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