President Trump faces the risk of a second impeachment

The Democrat’s attempt to impeach US President Donald Trump for the second time made progress over the weekend, but it is not clear if the entire Republicans will support the move.

US President Donald Trump. Photo: AFP

Mr. Ted Lieu, the representative of Democrats in California, tweeted that Democrats in the US House of Representatives will introduce impeachment terms on January 11 because Trump has called on people. Support yourself flooding the Capitol on January 6.

Mr. Ted Lieu, who helped draft the impeachment charges against Trump, said the impeachment clauses had won the consensus of 190 people on the evening of November 9 (US time), but not yet. Which Republican officials support.

“We had videos of speeches where (Mr. Trump) incited the crowd. We also had videos of the Capitol Electricity assaulting mob. It was not an informal conversation,” he said. Ted Lieu said.

Mr. Trump initially praised his supporters at the Capitol, but condemned their acts of violence in a later video. Reuters sources said Trump’s call to crowd restraint comes only after senior assistants urging Mr. Trump. Some have argued that Mr Trump could face leaving the White House or be held liable after the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

The impeachment of Trump in the House by Democrats will trigger a second impeachment trial in the Senate controlled by the Republicans. The Senate previously saved Mr. Trump in his first impeachment trial against accusations that Mr Trump threatened US national security.

Before Trump, two US presidents were also impeached but later acquitted in the Senate. However, President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974 following the Watergate political scandal.

Incumbent House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has asked House of Representatives to draft a law on the use of the 25th Amendment in the US Constitution to allow the deprivation of the powers of a president who cannot fulfill his duties. .

Increased efforts to overthrow President Trump have yet to gain the full support of Republicans after the party was split by President Trump’s actions. Democratic officials pressed Vice President Mike Pence to trigger the 25th Amendment, but Mr. Pence opposed the proposal.

However, on end of January 9 CNN quoted a source close Vice President Pence that Mr. Pence does not rule out the use of the 25th Amendment, but some members of Pence’s team fear that any attempt to remove President Trump could provoke Trump to act more hastily. and put America at risk.

Vice President Pence’s spokesperson has not yet made an official comment on the matter.

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