Price of a structural damage for a new house construction

Are you planning to build your house? Before you start, consider taking out book damage insurance.

If you plan to build a new detached house, you should know that this project must be covered by specific insurance. Indeed, the Spinetta law requires owners carrying out major construction or renovation work to take out a structural damage guarantee before the start of the work. What is the cost of this contract? Reply.

New house construction damage insurance: definition

More and more individuals are embarking on the construction of a new house. It must be said that this investment has several advantages. First of all, it allows to have only one interlocutor and privileged partner who is the manufacturer. The latter is able to offer a maximum of guarantees: delivery guarantee at the agreed price and time, ten-year guarantee, guarantee of perfect completion, precise description of the property built. Then, the construction of a single-family house provides tax advantages and in particular the total or partial exemption from property tax for 2 years, or eligibility for the PTZ +. Finally, choosing a new house means benefiting from a home built according to the latest standards in force and fully personalized.

If you decide to undertake such a project, you will inevitably need to take out structural damage insurance in order to be covered for 10 years against defects in construction. The role of this contract is to intervene before the courts decide on the responsibilities of each of the parties, once damage falling under the ten-year guarantee is observed. Even if the law does not provide for any sanction against owners who do not subscribe to this insurance, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to it. Otherwise, it may take much longer to obtain compensation for any claims.

Examples of damage covered by DO new house insurance

Damage insurance for the construction of a new house covers damage which:

  • Threaten the solidity of the construction : roof collapse, large cracks in the walls, soil defect, water infiltration through the roof…;
  • Make the construction unsuitable for its purpose : all damage which does not allow the owner to live in his home or which affects his normal occupancy (lack of thermal insulation of the walls, sagging of the floor, etc.);
  • Affect the inseparable items of equipment : embedded pipes, concrete screed …

To benefit from enhanced protection, the contracting authority can subscribe to optional guarantees such as: the guarantee for separable items of equipment, the guarantee for non-material damage resulting from guaranteed disorders, the guarantee for damage to existing ones due to new construction.

What criteria are taken into account to calculate its price?

Before taking out a property damage insurance for the construction of a new house, it is important to know how its price is calculated.

In general, the cost of DO insurance is established according to the following criteria:

  • The total cost of construction;
  • The level of professional qualification of entrepreneurs;
  • The request for a soil study to determine the characteristics of the land;
  • Membership of optional guarantees.

Once the contract is taken out, the contribution must be paid in one go to the insurer. This can be reassessed according to the final cost of the construction.

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