Prime Minister of Singapore wrongly received anti-epidemic COVID-19

The Prime Minister of Singapore has called the situation in the early days of the outbreak to be like a battle against the fog that may be inaccurate. Although he knew that there would be a mistake, Mr. Ly Hien Long emphasized the situation that forced the government to follow, unable to wait.

“We cannot wait. The important thing is to closely monitor everything, learn from experience and adjust to react promptly when new information appears and the situation changes, “Mr. Ly said in his speech on September 2.

The Singapore leader acknowledged the initial shortcomings, saying that if it could be done again will issue an earlier order to wear masks and quarantine all Singaporeans who return home instead of just those returning from certain countries.

He also admitted a mistake by not testing all quarantined persons before returning them to their families. “No symptoms does not mean no infection”.

“When the World Health Organization realized that asymptomatic infection was a big problem, we changed our policy and distributed masks to everyone,” said the Prime Minister of Singapore.

Referring to the dormitory for foreign workers, Prime Minister Ly Hien Long wished to have acted earlier and earlier to put the epidemic out. The number of infected cases in these workplaces accounts for 94.4% of the nearly 57,000 cases in Singapore.

Despite the high number of cases, the COVID-19 death rate in Singapore ranks among the lowest in the world with 27 deaths and less than 100 COVID-19 patients in hospital.

Commenting on Mr. Ly Hien Long’s statements, Professor Jeremy Lim of the National University of Singapore said he appreciated the government’s “modesty and wisdom” when looking back at the initial reactions.

“Every country can make a mistake because this is a new pathogen,” Mr. Lim sympathized with.

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