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Private radio stations threatened by advertising on public service radio stations

For once, I am going to talk to you today about the commercials broadcast on radio stations or elsewhere.

Advertisements open to public service radio stations

Know it: these are the commercials that allow many media to exist : they finance the transmitters, the composers and the record companies, the wages of the technicians and the animators, and all the columnists, including yours truly. Private radio stations do not receive any state subsidy to operate.

However, today, the government wants to allow public service radios to have unrestricted access to the advertising market. However, Radio France and its 7 public service radios have an operating budget of 630 million euros. An amount financed at 90% by your taxes, thanks to the famous audiovisual license.

Private radio stations threatened

Opposite, the 330 or so private commercial French radio stations have a budget of just over 500 million euros: this is the size of the radio advertising market in France. You understood the problem: 330 private radios financed by 500 million euros of advertising, face seven public service radios which already have a 630 million euros budget. Radios which already have the right to broadcast advertising: the public service took 10% of the French market last year.

If the state completely unblocks access to advertising for the public service, it is the radio stations that are threatened with disappearance. Not in five years, but starting this year. So, if you don’t agree, you know what you have to do: write to your deputy, its address is on the website of the National Assembly. Thanks for your support and see you tomorrow!

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