Property damage insurance for individuals

An individual can quite well receive the qualifier of project owner. Either because he builds his own house using his skills, or because he calls on various craftsmen of his choice. In all cases, he is the “supervisor” of the work.

The property damage insurance is even imposed on the individual, offering him additional insurance to the ten-year guarantee, as well as a boost in the event of resale of the property that he has built or had built.

We explain to you why it is important to take out damage-to-work insurance as a private individual, the advantages that it gives you and the procedure to follow to find the best insurer!

Is structural damage insurance really compulsory for individuals?

The answer is yes ! Indeed, article L 242-1 of the Insurance Code and the Spinetta law of 1978 specify it in these terms: “Any natural or legal person who, acting as owner of the work, seller or agent of the owner of the work, having construction work carried out, must take out before the opening of the site, on his own behalf or on behalf of the successive owners, an insurance guaranteeing, apart from any search for responsibilities, the payment of all the damage repair work ”, which is also guaranteed by a ten-year guarantee.

In fact, you’ve probably heard a friend building a house say, “No, I don’t have structural damage insurance, it doesn’t have to be! “. Know that your friend was wrong in the legal sense, but right in the practical sense. Decryption … The law sanctions the lack of damage insurance with two types of sanctions:

  • A civil sanction of up to 75,000 euros fine
  • A criminal sanction of up to 6 months in prison

However, the individual is only exposed to a civil sanction, unlike the professional. So if you don’t take out a decade and sell your house for ten years, you’re relatively safe. Really ? Wouldn’t that be a “bad idea”?

Why is structural damage insurance important, even for individuals?

While decennial liability insurance takes a long time to implement, involves a search for the liability of the parties and often legal proceedings, property damage insurance quickly compensates without excessive formalities.

Structural damage insurance is therefore very important, even for individuals …

Reason number 1: safety for yourself and your family

The work damage guarantee, taken out by you, is intended to reimburse damage to the structural work after the perfect completion guarantee, ie from the second to the tenth year following the completion of the work. It compensates:

  • Damage compromising the solidity of the frame, even if it results from a defect in the ground (subsidence of the structure for example)
  • Damage rendering the property unfit for its intended purpose (faulty insulation for example)

Thus, poor workmanship and construction defects are compensated within a very reasonable period of time, allowing you to continue living in your house or apartment. Thanks to it, you protect your health and safety while reassuring your loved ones.

Reason number 2: useful insurance to take out a mortgage

When you renovate or build a house on your own or that of a loved one, recourse to a bank loan is common: it allows you to pay for the land, the building if it exists and the materials useful for the work.

To obtain this mortgage, the bank will ask you for the insurance policy certifying that the property damage insurance is in place. Otherwise, taking out a mortgage will be a real obstacle course.

Reason number 3: an appreciated guarantee in the event of resale or rental of the property

Once the property is completed, you will have three options: live there, sell it or rent it. If you want to live there, however, you are not immune to having to move in the next ten years: transfer, professional opportunity, new meeting, the reasons are numerous.

However, you expose yourself to significant risks in the absence of structural damage insurance:

  • In the event of resale of the property within ten years: the notary appends the damage-to-work insurance to the contract of sale of the property, if it does not exist, he informs the purchaser who will have every opportunity to take action against you
  • If the property is rented within ten years: the tenant suffers significant damage, such as water infiltration through the ceiling, he will not wait for the ten-year liability to intervene and will give you notice to proceed with the work

You understand, the damage-to-work insurance is essential for the tenant or the owner to benefit from the property in which he lives in conditions consistent with use. Otherwise, you run the risk of paying for everything out of pocket and entering into long and costly legal disputes.

Individuals, how to find book damage insurance?

Do a soil survey

As an individual, being able to present a soil study to the insurer is a strong argument. He will be more inclined to grant you a work damage if the risks are limited.

Contact your usual insurer

Before playing the competition, contact your usual insurer. He knows you and communication is easy. He may trust you for your reliability, thoroughness, etc.

Make damage-to-work comparisons online

Finally, use an online simulation tool before setting up your insurance file. You will thus obtain offers from insurers accepting individuals for the damage-work. Count between 2 and 5% of the total amount of the work for the contribution.