Pubic hair more and more accepted – economy

The number of women not removing pubic hair at all has doubled in eight years. As for men, 1 in 5 now declares to appreciate women “with all their hair”, tells us an IFOP survey for the site.

Hair removal is losing popularity

Hair is more and more accepted. In the space of 8 years, the practice of “No Shave” has doubled in France: in 2021, 28% of French women do not wax their bikini line, against 15% in 2013. Underarm hair removal is also in demand. loss of ground: it concerns 81% of women, ie 10 points less in eight years. As for the depilation of the legs, 80% of women practice it in 2021, against 92% in 2013, tells us a survey for the sexual health platform carried out by the Pole “Gender, sexualities and sexual health” of the ‘IFOP.

As for women who choose to wax their bikini line, full hair removal is gaining ground: 24% of women are concerned today, i.e. 10 points more compared to 2013. Full hair removal now appeals to women of all ages: young people under 25 (56%), 25-34 (48%, +22 points) and 35-49 (31%, +20 points ).

Hairiness is less and less seen as an obstacle to sexual attraction

The same survey tells us that hair is more and more accepted in French society. Contrary to certain stereotypes, the maintenance of a hair in a woman does not constitute a brake on the male sexual desire: the great majority of the men attracted by the women declaring that they could make love with an unhaved woman at the level of the armpits (66%) or legs (61%) but also in the pubis (70%).

But it would be a mistake to say that sexual dictates have completely disappeared. The idea that the absence of hair is a criterion of female seduction is shared by 73% of men. Women, meanwhile, are 33% to appreciate that the man they meet is shaved. In 2021, only 21% heterosexual men appreciate female pubic hair with all their hair, which is two times less than what is observed for male pubic areas when the same question is asked of heterosexual women (41%).

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