Pullover knit vest the famous “grandpa’s vest”: how to use and assemble looks with this piece that is a trend in 2021


The sleeveless pullover is on its way to conquer the fashion world and establish itself among the main fashion trends in autumn winter 2021. How to approach this new fashion? Here are all the secrets and tips on how to wear the wool vest, Grandpa’s famous vest!

Just spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest to realize that the knitting vest worn by our parents or grandparents has become a new trend this season. In addition to fashion, they also managed to combine comfort and give all pieces a retro look.

Mix a dose of preppy style with a touch of vintage fashion and you have… the wool vest. And if fashionistas love it, it is because it facilitates the transition to autumn and winter.


Knitting vest, the touch preppy of the season

If the neo-bourgeois tendency had already started its return last winter, it is continuing with the rise of fashion in this preppy piece. It’s easy to imagine Blair Waldorf, the BCBG-style queen in Gossip Girl, strolling the streets of New York wearing this winter vest.

But what we like about this new style object is its ability to form explosive duets with the strong trends of the season. Can be used with a puffed-sleeved shirt as well as with flare jeans seventies style.


And its power of seduction extends even further. Today it is found adorned with glass beads, fashion prints, and gourmet colors. So many variations that elevate this new piece of autumn-winter fashion to the formidable ally post to face falling temperatures in style.


How to wear the knit vest?

In practice, wearing the sweater or vest it’s super easy. To enrich a casual look, opt for a thick wool model with a loose cut that you wear over a satin shirt. And to go even further, put some gold necklaces on top.

Fashionistas’ new darling also matches daytime looks. On a basic fine-knit sweater, add a sleeveless pullover that you choose in a pop color, such as fuchsia pink, or highlighted with a strong print, such as plaid, stripes or a zebra print.

If you want to dress your knit vest at night, you can wear a black model with a deep V-neck over a lace shirt, which will subtly surpass the deep neckline. An alternative that reveals a new facet of the sweater vintage Grandfather.


How to create looks with the knit vest?

Dress shirt overlays

It is undeniable that overlays have become a boom in the fashion industry, as have vests. Bet on the wide dress shirts under the garment.


Just the vest

It’s not that you can’t wear a vest because it’s hot. Just put on a tight tank top or just lingerie underneath, and wear it yourself. Bet on accessories to complete your look.


Cropped version

The success of the garment was so great that several models of knit vest appeared cropped. This option is capable of leaving a serious look in something relaxed and modern. If worn with long shirts, the result is even better.


High collar

Another variation is the high collar vests, ideal for those looking for a more sophisticated style. They can be used alone or with a shirt underneath, regardless of the combination, the secret is in the accessories.


Colors and prints

If you want a more colorful production, the ideal is to bet on vests with prints and vibrant colors. They leave the look full of life and give more prominence to the piece.


If you like the trend, we recommend checking your grandfather’s closet or visiting a thrift store.

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