Raw concrete, waxed or tiled for your garage? Advantages and disadvantages

Concrete against tiles, the match promises to be difficult! How to make a choice when faced with these two resistant materials? Do you opt for concrete, whether raw or waxed – knowing that concrete is now very trendy and is no longer reserved for factories or the coating of certain roads? Or do you choose tiling instead when it comes to your garage floor? Tile which nowadays offers so many possibilities that almost any floor you like can be imitated with tiles. Let’s take a look at the differences between concrete and tile before we narrow down the differences between raw concrete and waxed concrete. It must be said that these coatings are very similar …

Concrete or tiles: which is more aesthetic?

Concrete is no longer reserved for industrial use alone. You would also be surprised to see the number of varieties that there are, especially in terms of colors or textures – starting with the difference in raw concrete and waxed concrete that we discuss below. You can add stain as soon as you pour your concrete slab or add it later if you find your floor too dull. Concrete is in fashion: take inspiration from all the images you will find online on decoration sites or on sites like Pinterest.

Tiles also offer endless possibilities in terms of colors and patterns. Do you want a wood look or a terracotta look, or even something that looks like glass? At present, with tiling, it is possible.

Concrete or tile: which is more durable?

Concrete and tile are extremely hard surfaces, making them very wear resistant coatings. It is obvious that concrete has its advantages. After all, it is used for parking lots and highways. So if you go for concrete, chances are it will last you a lifetime. Rather, it is your fragile items that may break if they fall on this floor. But do you really have a lot of fragile items in your garage?

Tiles are also durable and can go with you for a lifetime if you take care of them. However, the tiles are more susceptible to cracking, especially under intense impact. For example, if when you move your refrigerator from the garage, it escapes you and falls accidentally, you may have to replace your tiles. The good news is, you’ll only need to replace one or two tiles, and not your entire floor.

So if you plan to stay where you live, concrete and tile for your garage floor are suitable options because of their proven longevity.

Concrete or tile: which is more affordable?

Prices can vary widely when it comes to concrete or tile so the cost can show a big difference between the two types of coatings. It all depends on whether you already have a concrete slab on which you are going to lay tiles or if you have nothing and you have to start by pouring a concrete slab.

On average, tiling is cheaper than concrete, reduced to the price per square meter. Of course, if you take better or higher end tile, the price will be higher. In general, concrete and tile should cost you about the same price. But don’t forget to include the installation costs in the budget you plan.

Concrete or tile: which is easier to maintain?

Hard surfaces like concrete and tile tend to be very easy to clean. Did you spill some coffee? No problem, you can use almost any type of mild cleaner to clean concrete and tiles. Then a vacuum cleaner or broom and it seems nothing more. Concrete if waxed will need a good waxing regularly (usually every six months). And tile joints can get dirty over time. When you start to notice dirt appearing, all you need is a simple steam cleaning. Which should do the trick.

Concrete or tile: which is easier to install?

As mentioned earlier, concrete may require professional installation. It can be quite dangerous to put it down on your own and it’s best to hire someone who knows what they’re doing. You can install your tiling yourself. However, professionals recommend hiring a contractor to do the job. The process is delicate and requires a first experience. Tiling can be tedious due to the heavy materials and the time taken to install. Take the challenge if you want, but bringing in a professional isn’t bad either.

Raw concrete and waxed concrete: what’s the difference?

Raw concrete has an authentic side. He does not leave indifferent. Choosing raw concrete in your decoration – to a lesser extent in your garage, is to show a strong style. Because raw concrete is known to be rather sober and cold. Conversely, refined concrete that has a smooth appearance has a very refined aesthetic – where raw concrete will be deemed more industrial. Waxed concrete is not only very decorative but also very pleasant to the touch. You can consider it on the ground but also on your walls.

Raw concrete, waxed concrete, tiles: which of the three should you choose?

When comparing several different types of flooring, it’s hard to sum up which is best. The real question should be: what type of floor is best for you, your garage and yourself – raw concrete, waxed concrete or tile? The answer depends of course on several factors: the size of the place where you are going to install this floor, the time you have available and your budget.