Reading outdoors is better for the eyes

Reading outside is better for the eyes, according to an American study. It’s all about light and contrast. The good book is yours on the lounge chair!

Reading outdoors is better for the eyes

Where do you prefer to read? In your living room, in the bathroom, under the duvet, outside sitting in a deckchair, on the beach lying on a towel? This question is important, and for good reason, the place where you read is more or less good for the eyes. According to a study published in Cell Report conducted by researchers from State University of New York College of Optometry (United States), it is best to read outside.

Why outside? Quite simply because the light outdoors is not the same as the light indoors. It improves the level of visual contrast, which makes it easier to see the printed characters. In vision, visual contrast describes the difference in light intensity between a stimulus and its environment. This is what makes a dark letter easier to read than a gray letter on a blank page.

Contrast sensitivity strongly depends on the amount of light

It was long believed that a dark letter on a page had the same contrast outside under the strongest light as it did inside under the weakest light. Well that’s wrong. The results of this study show that, as with visual sharpness, contrast sensitivity is highly dependent on the amount of light.

To make reading even more enjoyable, you know what you have to do: get outside. As long as the weather is good and it doesn’t start to rain. The pages of your book would then become difficult to read, outside light or not.

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