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Real estate is a vast and very complex subject, it is also one of the most important investments, purchases or investments for a family, for an individual, for our fellow citizens, because it is generally the expense of a lifetime, and also the savings of a lifetime. It is therefore not a subject to be treated lightly in a heritage manner.

A market is never really destabilized by variations in prices or prices, by crises or difficulties. Markets rise and fall with as much regularity as the tides, in the same way that the moon rises and then sets to give way to the sun. A downturn in the real estate market can put you in trouble. You may have a bad time, it may seem uncomfortable to you, but if you are able to hold your positions you really don’t have much to fear, because after winter comes spring, and after the fall you find your way back up.

No, the problem is the change of use. It’s the switch from vinyl record to CD then to MP3, the problem is the switch from film camera to all digital. When your name is Kodak, you are simply dead as a film salesman. When you make Minitels and the Internet comes, you’re dead too. Likewise when your name is Nokia and the first I-phone arrives.

However, in my opinion, we are going through a real change in real estate, a real change in use.

Urban real estate is falling while that of the fields is rising.

It is not a coincidence but the consequence of an immense upheaval as well economic, normative as social.

The world is changing and so is real estate.

Get on the train to analyze these major trends that will shape the future of the new real estate market.

Basically the cities have become sprawling due to the industrial revolution and the factories installed in the cities. There is no more factory requiring to regroup millions of workers! Teleworking allows you to work from anywhere. Distance is no longer a brake. The health crisis, but also social changes make life more and more difficult in the city for certain categories such as seniors or even families, especially if your financial means are not unlimited.

After several decades of rising prices, it is the moment of the change and this change materializes through certain figures.

We must not forget either new real estate, which is a special case!

It is driven by a normative evolution that you cannot ignore.

The energy transition has the consequence of creating planned obsolescence on older properties that will have to be renovated very expensive.

The new allows you to have a quality heritage, durable and adapted to the future legal constraints of the next 20 or 30 years and not to have substantial work to be planned for the first decade.

This is the reason why I decided to welcome a new partner alongside the Joubert company. This is the company Sphère Immo. I was able to discuss several times with its boss and founder, also a member of our small community and who shares many of our convictions. Its advantage? Apart from the fact that it is very nice, it is because it offers almost all the new programs in the country. Clearly, if you had a new investment project, you can contact them, because they will never sell you a one-bedroom apartment in Montauban if you live in Paris and you don’t need Montauban, quite simply because that they have the capacity in catalog to sell you all the programs. There is therefore no advice bias linked to catalogs reduced or very restricted to one or two programs. Here we are talking about thousands of new programs. It is a clear guarantee of objectivity. I will talk about it at length in the Strategies newsletter for February, to come and devoted to new real estate in a wealth strategy perspective and to “play” the energy transition. You can contact them by clicking here or on one of the banners on the site.

Here is the news from the attic, where I give you some food for thought on these changes and on the latest observations that we can make on the real estate market. A movement seems clearly underway. Will it continue, be confirmed and amplified? The next few months will tell us, at least in part.

We note in any case, that it decreases (very slightly) in already very expensive areas and very large cities and that it rises and grows hard in traditionally very relaxed and very inexpensive areas as is the case of most of our small and medium-sized provincial towns. It seems to me a logical and fairly predictable phenomenon for a long time and it is an evolution that I mention very regularly.

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Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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