Real estate: the French are turning more and more to brokers – economieMatin

60% of French people who bought real estate in 2018, 2019 or 2020 called on a broker to finance it. This is what we learn from a survey ordered by a broker, obviously, it is, at the Opinionway institute.

Brokers more and more consulted

This number is rising steadily every year, and for good reason. Banks are indeed engaging in increased competition to attract new customers, customers who are always in another bank before, this is obvious. However : we dare not push the door of a bank that we have seen advertisements on TV, or with difficulty.

And the banks themselves are not really equipped to handle these opportunistic clients: at best, they will offer you a meeting in a week or in a month. Conversely, the job of brokers is to find new clients every day, because without them, no business!

The advantages of brokers

You are a client of a broker who only takes a few months to complete your transaction, whereas you are a client of a bank for years or even decades. In addition, brokers have other advantages: they help future buyers of a property immovable to put together a financing file. They do simulations, which the banks refuse to do without a signed compromise.

Finally, they easily find the best current rate for their clients. However, keep in mind that brokers do business first. If your project is complicated to finance, they will do neither zeal nor miracle. Whereas a banker who knows you may surprise you.

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