Record sales during Amazon Prime Days

Total sales over the two-day Amazon Prime Days promotional operation amounted to $ 11 billion in the United States.

The “Prime Days” lasted two days

At the start of the week, it was the annual super sale operation at Amazon and this year, the returns are quite satisfactory for the world number one in e-commerce. Total sales in the United States are $ 11 billion according to figures from the Adobe Digital Economy Index.

In detail, it is $ 5.6 billion in revenue for Monday, June 21, 2021 and $ 5.4 billion for Tuesday, June 22. The total sales for this year are 6.1% higher than last year’s revenue when Prime Day was also held over two days. This increase is noted “Despite the relatively low discounts in most categories, which suggests that there is an underlying demand for online shopping as consumers look forward to a return to normal.”said Adobe Digital Insights Director Taylor Schreiner

250 million items sold at “Prime Days”

With its “Prime” subscription service, Amazon gives access to fast and free deliveries regardless of the purchase amount, a streaming service that allows you to watch movies and series on demand. Seattle firm says have sold on Monday and Tuesday more than 250 million items from the 200 million subscribers who have subscribed to its loyalty program around the world.

According to Amazon, Prime subscribers in 20 countries have purchased over 250 million items in total. And top sellers include a Roomba-branded robot vacuum, a Keurig coffee machine, vitamin candies, and tooth whitening strips.