Recruiting in times of crisis: a new opportunity for startups and candidates

It is no secret that the current health and economic crisis has affected employment in certain sectors. But for others, this crisis can turn out to be a real opportunity. If we look at the etymology of the word crisis, we learn that one of its meanings in Greek refers to a change, a pivotal stage. This can therefore be an opportunity to recruit new talents if you are a company, or change jobs and even lanes if you are an employee.

From the point of view of employees

On the employee side, we are witnessing a strong questioning of the place given to work. The change from the “face-to-face” model to the increasingly widespread mode of teleworking pushes us to question ourselves and to seek more meaning in what we do on a daily basis. 49% of people questioned say that confinement has played on their desire for retraining, and 92% even say that containment has increased it (Source HelloWork).

This pivotal period is for many candidates the time to take stock and refocus on their priorities. Getting involved in a project and within a structure in accordance with its values ​​then becomes one of the main criteria, before remuneration or benefits. It is also an opportunity to be able to highlight your softskills. More than know-how, in times of crisis companies will look for behavioral skills. Adaptability, resilience, faculty of communication and empathy are then major assets in a team to overcome these difficult periods and return to growth.

From the point of view of Startups

For startups, this period can be a real boon for attracting talent. Candidates are much more reachable and available due to teleworking and many of them, if they are not actively seeking, are at least very attentive to the opportunities that may arise. Competition in the job vacancy market is also less aggressive as many groups, usually coveted by applicants, have had to stop recruiting. Candidates are therefore attentive, less solicited and often looking for a new project more in line with their conception of fulfillment. This is the perfect time for startups to promote their project and reach profiles that will match the company’s DNA.

During this period when the work environment changes, you have to adapt to be able to integrate new collaborators when presence in the office is not always a possibility. Companies must take advantage of this pivotal moment to question, develop and improve their recruitment and onboarding practices.