Red by SFR and B & You: new packages at broken prices

The price war in the telecoms sector seemed to have calmed down, especially since the pandemic and the launch of 5G, the investments of which for the deployment are costly for operators. But that was without counting on SFR and Bouygues Télécom which are relaunching it more beautifully at the beginning of May 2021… and while the French only dream of one thing: summer vacation.

Three packages from 5 to 12 euros at RED by SFR

The promotions were launched almost simultaneously by RED by SFR, low-cost operator of SFR, and by B & You, low-cost operator of Bouygues Télécom. And the packages are very similar as well. You could almost believe that the two operators have come to an agreement.

At RED by SFR there are three packages at a discounted price and, above all, without commitment: a 20 GB package at 5 euros per month, a 60 GB package at 8 euros per month and a 130 GB package at 12 euros per month (which has the 5G option for 5 euros more per month).

The prices, theoretically, are valid one year after the start of the package, but RED by SFR has been criticized many times for increases that cannot be refused. Still, the package shows an undeniable good price.

To take advantage of it, at SFR, all you have to do is go to their site before May 9, 2021, the end date of the promotion.

B & You: not really competitive on the 5 euro package

At Bouygues Télécom, via the low-cost brand B & You, we have more or less aligned with SFR prices (or vice versa). Except for the plan at 4.99 euros per month which, at B & You, only offers 5 GB of data. The 60 GB package from B & You has the same price as that of RED by SFR, 7.99 euros per month, while the plan with the most data offers 140 GB for 12.99 euros per month, a little more expensive than that of SFR for 10 GB more.

To note that if B & You offers a 130 GB 5G package, it costs 24.99 euros per month, compared to 17 euros per month for the equivalent SFR package (the 130 GB package at 12 euros with 5G option at 5 euros).

B & You packages are non-binding and with the price that does not increase after one year, unless an increase announced in the future by the operator. To choose them, go to the operator’s website before May 9, 2021 (May 11, 2021 for the 5 GB package for 4.99 euros).