Red: what symbolism for this color? What associations in decoration?

Red is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors because it is readily associated with love, passion, romance, warmth. Because of these very positive characteristics, the color red is also welcome in the world of decoration. Do you find red to your liking?

Along with yellow and blue, red is one of the three primary colors, that is, one of the three colors that does not come from a mixture of other colors. Different shades of red are created by adding yellow, blue or white. A shade of red that turns orange gives off more warmth than pure red and creates a cheerful atmosphere. The higher the proportion of yellow, the less “aggressive” the red. Purple, a mix of blue and red, gives the room a festive note. The more purple tends to blue, the more soothing the color. White takes away its power from red and turns it into a delicate pink. Red therefore has a wide range of shades, ranging from coral red to dark vermilion or brick red. One of the most unique red tones is bright red. It exudes extravagance and luxury.

What is the symbolism of the color red?

Red evokes self-confidence, dynamism, warmth, passion, joie de vivre, but also drama and danger. Depending on the intensity of the color, it has a warm effect, but it can also be oppressive or aggressive. The color red is also said to have an appetite stimulating effect and boost metabolism, so this is the color you need for your dining room. And of course in the kitchen! Have you ever noticed that red is a popular color in restaurants?

A red wall in your living room looks wonderfully simple, provided the room is a certain size. Because be careful! Red on an entire section of wall visually diminishes the room, making it appear smaller. Instead of painting an entire wall red, in such cases it is better to choose to paint a wide strip of color red. In the bedroom, also you can dare the red. Even if it is a room where you can rest, recover and relax. But in this case, choose only a few red accessories. So red, a color difficult to handle if there is one, is to be preferred in living rooms. It is therefore better to avoid the bathroom and the bedroom which traditionally are rooms dedicated to relaxation, calm and softness.

Combine red with other colors

Combine red and white

The combination of red and white with light wood is characteristic of the Scandinavian country house style. Together, they ensure radiant comfort in the room. It is also the perfect combination of Christmas.

Combine red and pink

The combination of red and pink may seem kitschy at first, but it’s actually a harmonious combination of colors. Pink, the muted variant of red, takes the seriousness off red and creates cheerfulness in the room. It’s bold, the combination of different pink and red tones, but it’s gorgeous. You have to dare: vases and flasks, bowls and bottles all nicely arranged on a shelf. These pink and red objects work really well together.

Combine red and black

With red and black you can achieve a modern look, which at the same time is reminiscent of the Asian way of life with a few selected elements.

Combine red and gold

The addition of precious gold or brass in the red color gives it a majestic appearance. So if you like it chic and elegant, this color duo is perfect for you.

Combine red and blue

If you combine light turquoise tones and light red, it guarantees spring freshness.

Make sure that when using more than two colors, one color always dominates. Because when all the colors compete, it can quickly seem too busy.

Combine red and green

Green is the complementary color of red, and the two bring each other brightness. If you use them in more descended shades of color, you can achieve very successful effects.

Combine red and yellow

Yellow wall paint gives off positive energy and brings sunshine into the room. This is why she was so popular for years. While color is undoubtedly part of the Mediterranean interior design style, this red and yellow combination is considered old-fashioned. Today, yellow is used more discreetly or simply as a point touch as a bright detail in the interior. It creates a touch of freshness that goes perfectly with the color red.

Combine red and red

Who says different shades of red can’t be combined? Paint a wall red then set up a low sideboard or a sideboard in front of it, also red. The two go well together since the colors of each of the elements come from the same family. All you have to do is slip here and there accessories in green and yellow (never more than three colors). These will then give the red a real contrast.