Regional: why Autain, Pulvar and Bayou have to beat Pécresse

This is not just a provocation intended to get you to click on the title of this article. Only the ecolo-socialo-communist team can sublimate the destructive work of Anne Hidalgo, and put Ile-de-France in its place: that of a region of France like the others.

It is a proven fact that no professor of history or economic sciences will dispute: France, by the will of its monarchs, further amplified by the two empires and the five republics, is one of the most centralized countries in the world. . Outside of Paris (or now, “Grand Paris”, I hold back so as not to digress), there is no salvation.

At the start of the week, an INSEE study was released entitled “France and its territories”, which Le Figaro, among other newspapers, echoed. With a title at least as provocative as ours: “The Ile-de-France is half more productive than a provincial and twice as rich”. My colleague, Jean-Pierre Robin apologizes to the readers of Le Figaro for the title ” who may annoy us with more than four in five French people in France, those who do not live in Île-de-France “.

Ile-de-France without France would be like a charm

This is little to say, after reading the article which summarizes the INSEE study. More productive, richer, Ile-de-France residents ” provide 31% more work per capita than in other regions “. Still the big joke of statistical bias. Obviously, if we divide the turnover of large companies located in 92 (Hauts-de-Seine) and divide it by the number of inhabitants of the department, we will obtain a result that is light years away. of the same operation carried out in Corrèze.

The reality is that Paris and Ile-de-France have stifled France for decades, if not centuries. You will be told that the “redistribution” in the Paris-Province sense is proven, just like New Caledonia also “costs” the Metropolis. If Germany is doing so well, it is because each German Land, whose powers are a hundred times greater than those of our ridiculous French regions, is master of its own destiny.

The total disinterest of the French for the regional, and for the departmental which nobody talks about, could not be more logical, since everything is played and decided at the Kommandantur of Gross Paris.

However, Valérie Pécresse’s program is clear: she wants to further strengthen the economic attractiveness of the capital region, do everything to create more jobs there, attract more businesses. In short, its program is Ile-de-France and Ile-de-France first.

Only Clémentine Autain, Audrey Pulvar and Julien Bayou, inspired behind the scenes by their mistress to think Anne Hidalgo who is conscientiously destroying Paris, and bringing its economy to its knees, to transform the capital into a giant pedestrian Lunapark, can break the infernal spiral of the omnipotent, omnipresent and overpowering Ile-de-France, bequeathed by the Kings of France and all the Republican monarchs who succeeded them.

So, to save France, vote for the “rally for ecology and solidarity”, vote Autain-Pulvar-Bayou!