Renault recovering in the first quarter

The Renault group is still far from having accomplished its strategic plan “Renaulution”, but the first results already seem to be there: sales increased in the first quarter.

Luca de Meo, CEO of the Renault group, has launched a new strategy aimed at freeing up margins and improving the profitability of the car manufacturer. In view of the turnover achieved in the first quarter, the first results seem to be there: the company has a turnover of 10 billion euros. True, revenues are down 1.1% from the same quarter last year. However, at comparable exchange rates, they would be up 4.4%. Above all, Renault sold more more expensive cars, therefore with better margins like hybrid and electric models.

Sales up 1.1%

The results are also reflected in sales volumes, which increased by 1.1% with a total of 665,038 units sold. It is true that the comparison is made in relation to a first quarter of 2020 shaken by the health crisis. However, the first three months of the new year were also particularly difficult in terms of health and economics. The Renault brand has sold 433,662 vehicles (+ 1.3%), with a hybrid and electric market which represents 23% of sales on the private market in Europe.

Success of the Sandero

Dacia is once again doing well with sales increasing 10.2% to 121,231 cars. The Sandero is appealing to motorists, and the Spring is off to a promising start. The brand’s first low-cost electric car has indeed registered 10,000 pre-orders. On the other hand, it is always complicated for Lada (90,472 vehicles, -0.1%) and especially for Samsung Motors which fell by 37.4% with 12,227 sales.