Renovation: the interest of a general contractor for your project – EconomyMatin

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, real estate is on the rise in France: it is a safe bet, an investment of a lifetime which remains, despite everything, little subject to very significant variations. The French want to buy bigger and, if possible, with an exterior… which does not fail to lead to the need for renovation work, as long as the property is a little dilapidated or even unsanitary.

A single point of contact: simplify your life

To renovate a property, as we know, it is necessary to mobilize a myriad of trades: painters, electricians, plumbers, heating engineer … the more the renovation is important, the more the number of professionals necessary is also large. However, you have to manage everything: start of work, contracts, quotes, interweaving of interventions (you are not going to have the plumber come after the tiler or the painter before the electrician) … In short, it can get complicated.

A solution exists, however: the general contractor, such as the company Ever Works. His work ? Manage, for you, the entire renovation project (naturally according to your requests, your needs and your tastes). This building professional will simply contact the craftsmen, make quotes, negotiate and manage the site. You, on your side, you just have to drop your bags once the work is done.

Respect of the budget

In addition to the ease of work, the interest of a general contractor is that he can control his budget: since he has skills in the construction industry, as a professional in the sector, he can above all give you a idea of ​​the feasibility of your project according to your budget … and he guarantees that this budget is respected.

No more unpleasant surprises from the budget greatly exceeded by a lack of knowledge on your part, when it is not a question of trickery on the part of one of the professionals. Thus, there is no risk of having to ask the bank for a larger mortgage… or an increased personal loan envelope.

Respect of the deadline

Second advantage of the general contractor? The deadline. Since he manages the project from A to Z, calls on service providers and is in charge of all financial management, the general contractor can afford to guarantee a delay in the delivery of the completed site.

As the construction industry faces supply problems linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, this contractual guarantee is a relief, especially when it comes to organizing the installation and the move to the new house, potentially as a result of the sale of the old or the termination of the rental lease.