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Reopening of museums in Perpignan and containment that can be avoided. Back to the political news of Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

Louis Aliot reopens the museums of Perpignan

The mayor National Gathering of Perpignan, Louis Aliot, made the decision to reopen four museums in his city on Tuesday, February 9, 2021. From this day and despite the administrative closures decreed by the government, the French will be able to return to visit the Rigaud museum (fine arts), the Casa Pairal (history of Perpignan and Roussillon), the Puig Museum (medals) and the Muséum d natural history of Perpignan.

Louis Aliot explained to AFP his choice: ” Culture is essential to the life of Perpignanians like all French people, it is high time to reopen cultural places, some say it, we do it. We are experimenting with the reopening of cultural places in our museums “. The reopening provides for compliance with the gauges of 10 m2 per person.

The prefect of Pyrénées-Orientales was preparing an appeal before the administrative court against this reopening. For her part, Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister of Culture receives on Tuesday, February 9 in the afternoon the professionals of the sector for a working meeting.

Olivier Véran believes that a new confinement can be avoided

Guest on France Info, Tuesday February 9, 2021, the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, ruled out the possibility of a third confinement for the moment considering that ” Containment is not a choice of ease and safety, it is a choice of necessity when the epidemic situation escapes us. This is not the case “.

The Minister considers that although high, the circulation of the virus on the territory is stable and therefore makes it possible to avoid a total reconfinement of the population. ” I hope that we can give freedoms to the French as soon as possible », He continued. This return of freedom could in particular result in the relaxation of the curfew set at 6 p.m. throughout mainland France.

Pierre Henriet sanctioned for ” sexist insult

The story dates back to February 3, 2021, during a heated debate in the National Assembly, the rebellious member of France Mathilde Panot is about to speak when a voice is raised: ” The fishmonger “. This voice is that of the deputy La République en Marche Pierre Henriet. After apologizing for this slippage, thehe deputy is now sanctioned for uttering a ” sexist insult »In the hemicycle.

Richard Ferrand announced during the conference of presidents of parliamentary groups to have ” applied a call to order with entry in the minutes »Pierre Henriet for this incident, thus depriving him of a quarter of parliamentary allowances for a month.

Nicolas Hulot will not be a presidential candidate in 2022

The former Minister of Ecology, Nicolas Hulot, was the guest of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on BFM / RMC on Tuesday February 9, he spoke about the role he would have in the presidential campaign of 2022. He does not will not be a candidate but will commit to making ecology one of the central subjects of the campaign.

I will get involved but not as a candidate, there are enough of them but with in particular the pact of the power to live, with the CFD, with all the non-governmental organizations in the field of ecology, in the field of the humanitarian in the social field, we will make so as to propose tracks, road maps. Roadmaps not just on the major objectives, because overall we know what to do but rather how to make the change that is imposed on us acceptable “.

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