Reopening of restaurants and museums: thousands of jobs to be filled

With the gradual reopening of restaurants, museums, theaters, cinemas, leisure parks, in short, of these thousands of places that have been closed for months because of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of employees will take over. face-to-face work path.

Contact your Pôle Emploi agency

Only we know now, some have lost patience, and are now doing something else, or are still in training. So much so that we are talking about a minimum of 100,000 jobs to be filled in the coming days, for which you can apply. You don’t have the necessary training?

Never mind : many restaurateurs, for example, say that they will teach their new recruits on the job. If you are looking for a job, it is therefore urgent to turn to your Pôle Emploi agency today, to see what it can offer you as a job to be filled in the coming days.

Submit your CV to traders

Plan B: you can just as easily go to the neighborhood or town closest to your home and try your luck at the merchants. Many have placed placards on their storefront announcing the color of what types of jobs and contracts they are offering.

Last thing: know that when you accept a job less well paid than your previous job, you can be financially supported for 12 months and sometimes more. But for that, it is absolutely necessary to speak about it to your Pôle Emploi agency before starting.