Restaurant owners who will reopen will be deprived of solidarity funds – economieMatin

No question of letting restaurateurs open illegally. Those who will be caught welcoming the public again, when they must remain closed due to the health crisis, will be deprived of solidarity funds.

Restaurant owners who open despite the administrative ban may no longer have access to the solidarity fund for a month. And in case of recurrence, they will no longer be able to benefit from it at all. This is the threat made by Bruno Le Maire at the microphone of RTL whereas the testimonies of professionals who again receive from the public multiply. The Minister of the Economy absolutely wants that not to stain oil: even if it is about ” isolated cases “,” I don’t want it to spread, for it to become either a habit or a way of defying the forbidden “. He recalls that this is a collective rule ” to guarantee the health of all “.

The government is scolding

The host of Bercy admits that “ it’s extremely hard for restaurateurs, morally and economically “. But he adds that nothing justifies not respecting the rules, “ which are sanitary rules “. The sanction is not limited to restaurant owners: in fact, all businesses that reopen despite the administrative closure will be affected by the end of access to the solidarity fund. This amounts to 10,000 euros per month or a compensation of 20% of the turnover for 2019 within the limit of 200,000 euros per month.

Compliance with sanitary rules

Non-food shopping malls over 20,000 square meters have now been closed since last Sunday. Bruno Le Maire pleads for maintaining the curfew at 6 p.m., rather than a re-containment. The curfew represents a cost of 6 billion euros per month, against 15 billion for a shutdown of the country with the closure of shops and schools. Gold, “ you do things with nine billion, you can renovate hospitals, nurseries, schools, universities “.

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