Restaurants, cafes: nearly a third of establishments still closed

Between the containment measures, administrative closures and the curfew, the situation has been particularly difficult for many restaurateurs and owners of cafes / bars. According to Umih, nearly a third of them have not reopened.

The catering sector and cafes / bars have suffered a real bloodletting due to the health crisis. According to figures from the Union of Trades and Hospitality Industries (Umih) relayed by Le Figaro, 30% of professionals have kept doors closed despite the country’s gradual deconfinement. The first reason is the lack of clientele for restaurateurs established in solely tourist areas and in business districts. Telecommuting is still the norm for many businesses and employees don’t have to travel to city centers. This is particularly visible in intramural Paris: attendance is low there while it is experiencing a real rebound in the suburbs, where employees live.

Lack of staff, declining attendance

In tourist areas, the situation is mixed. The absence of foreign tourists weighs on the activity of many restaurants and cafes, while the large metropolises are shunned by French tourists. The latter favor the coast or the mountains, where restaurants are seeing a strong upturn in activity. It is even higher than in 2019 at the same period, as in Brittany and the Basque Country. The other reason for the sector’s difficulties is the staff: they are missing.

Removal of restrictions

Chefs in particular are a scarce commodity. Many preferred to either branch off in their careers or advance their retirement. Without a chef, no restaurant… The situation for the sector should however improve overall, with the end of the curfew since Sunday, the end of teleworking strongly recommended since June 9, while the reception gauges in theaters will disappear on June 30.