Result of the Euromillions of Friday March 12, 2021: prize pool of 58 million euros

EUROMILLIONS RESULT FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 12, 2021 – WINNING CODE MYMILLION: The European lottery draw for the month of March 2021 (although absent in some countries) offers a super prize pool of 58 million euros. A godsend for the players. In addition, as always, the Euromillions draw for this Friday, March 12, 2021 is associated with the My Million draw which offers the sum of 1 million euros to a player, only in France. Enough to make impatiently wait for the Euromillions result of Friday, March 12, 2021.

The result of the Euromillions draw on Friday March 12, 2021

Once again it is possible for one of the players having completed a Euromillions grid to win a rather large sum: 58 million euros. Enough to start great projects! But you have to have a real stroke of luck to achieve this result since the winning numbers that must be found are 7 in number: 5 winning numbers and two star numbers.

Regularly, one or even several people succeed in the feat of finding the Euromillion results of the evening. In this case, this evening it is the winning numbers of the Euromillions draw on Friday, March 12, 2021 that we will have to guess to become a millionaire. The writing of ÉconomieMatin will wait until the result of the Euromillion draw of the Friday 12 March 2021 be known to place it below:

My Million draw result for Friday March 12, 2021

Will the French be luckier tonight? Let’s hope so ! A winner has already won 7 million euros in the Loto on Saturday March 6! Why not try your luck and win a big sum at the Euromillions thanks to the MyMillion draw and its winning code of the Friday 12 March 2021 launched by la Française des Jeux in February 2014.

Thanks to the winning code MyMillion, each night of the draw a French player wins 1 million euros. And the Française des Jeux guarantees the existence of a winner, which makes the chances of winning much higher than for the Euromillions draw. The My Million Winning Code of Friday 12 March 2021 is available here:

OFFICIAL EURO MILLIONS® / MY MILLION® results are available on the official website of La Française des Jeux (Participation in the Euro Millions – My Million games implies adherence to their respective regulations and to the general regulations of the French digital offer. of the Games published in the Official Journal).