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Inflation, inflation, inflation is scary, its return even makes the markets tremble and waver.

It must be said that says inflation, says increase in interest rates, and raising rates in an economy based on debt has never been a brilliant idea!

Inflation is there, it is increasing, rising like a wave that nothing seems to be able or willing to stop.

It must also be said that we are faced with all types of inflation, simultaneously!

“Growth” inflation, monetary inflation, imported inflation, cost inflation and norm inflation! (I explain everything to you in the video).

This is going to do us a lot of a sudden to digest.

Back to the 70s then?


But in the 1970s, and until 1985, we had very high inflation and proportionately high interest rates as well.

Possible today? Not so sure to tell the truth.

But if we don’t raise rates, then inflation will run wild.


But could central banks control inflation without resorting to interest rates? You will find that it does.

What is certain is that strong inflation and zero rates is the ruin of savers!

In any case, it is better to prepare for it, because inflation with savings rates close to 0 means a drop in power every year, it is even the ruin of savers!

I tell you almost everything in this video where I share information with you to enrich your thinking. I will explain in detail the different types of inflation that we are facing.


CAP is easy to remember, and it means Understand, Adapt and Thrive.

Why ?

Because there will be no going back to the world before.

We are in shortages and within a few weeks dozens of sites will be at a standstill due to a lack of materials, as the factories of PSA are no longer running for lack of semiconductors.

Then prices will rise very sharply from the start of September.

We must therefore understand what we are facing, how it will happen etc.

Then it is imperative to adapt and in particular to adapt your savings, because inflation will affect savers and reduce their stored purchasing power. The others might say to themselves, it’s a rich man’s problem, I have no savings! Terrible mistake my friends.

Inflation impoverishes the rich and even more the poor, because when the “rich” lose weight, the poor starve!

A “rich” who has 100,000 euros and who loses 20% still has 80,000 euros. Whoever had nothing, when the package of pasta takes 20%, he is immediately 20% poorer, especially if his salary has not followed, and there it is terrible.

Protecting yourself from inflation, anticipating it, adapting to it, is not an option, it is an obligation of sound management for all good fathers and mothers of families!

Finally, I postulate in the STRATEGIES file devoted to inflation and of which you can see the coverage below, that this inflation will be sustainable for a whole bunch of reasons which I will explain to you in detail.

We will therefore have to learn to prosper in this new context.

It is not to be feared, it is nothing scary, it is a change of context, a change of trend, it will become our new reality, and it will be better to adapt to it to be successful. .

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Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !