Rising fuel prices – EconomyMorning

You must have noticed it when you went to refuel recently: fuel prices have slowly but surely climbed in recent weeks.

Rising oil and gas prices

So much so that the price of a liter of diesel has regained its price before the health crisis: around 1.40 euros per liter, when the super is dangerously approaching the 1.50 mark. On the domestic fuel side too, the increase is significant, twenty good cents more in less than three months : fortunately winter is soon over.

This increase in the price of fuel and fuel does not spare gas, of which the price is indexed to that of crude oil. regulated gas prices therefore jumped 6% at the beginning of March. The question that obviously burns everyone’s lips is “and tomorrow”. Well, for the months to come, there is a small risk that oil and gas prices will continue to climb, strongly stimulated by global demand for hydrocarbons, because of, or rather thanks to, the recovery. This is already largely underway in Asia, and when Europe and North America will in turn engage, once out of the health crisis, all the machines will heat up and overheat.

Prices could rise further

We could say that the producing countries are going to open the taps wide, after having turned them off to support prices. Remember that last year, there was so much oil on the market that its price hit the all-time low of $ 0 at one point. We even paid to get rid of it, for lack of cisterns to store it.

So quite logically, when you have given away your product at a time, and all of a sudden, everyone wants it, it’s tempting to take the opportunity to drive up the prices, and thus restore your health. In other words, the hypothesis of a liter of unleaded at 1 euro 70 or 80, and a liter of diesel hardly cheaper, is quite serious. If you had to change your car, it might be time to take care of it for a less greedy one.

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