RJ45 socket: what is it, what is it for?

With the rapid development of new technologies, access to multimedia is part of the comfort required in all homes today.

Today, regulations even require the installation of a communication network in new buildings. For this to be possible, the installation of RJ45 sockets is the appropriate solution.

Definition and description of an RJ45 socket

Also called 8P8C, the RJ45 socket is a modular connector generally used in multimedia connections. It is used for ethernet connections and is also used in the circulation of weak currents as a telephone connector for example. Clearly, if you need your game console or your computer to be connected to the Internet, this is the device for you.

The abbreviations RJ mean registered jack which are standardized network connection interfaces. As the name implies, the 8P8C has eight wires whose ends are matched with plastic pins. It is like a physical interface for connecting cables called twisted pairs with four pairs of wires of different colors (blue, green, orange and brown). The TIA / EIA 568 A and TIA / EIA 568 B standards define the rules for use and the forms. Note that there is sometimes confusion between the RJ45 and the RJ50. The latter is however in 10P10C format and is used more on inverters.

What is an RJ45 socket used for?

Companies that aspire to benefit from more efficient computer systems or individuals who want to enjoy housing benefiting from multimedia access to standards will need to install this modular connector to gain comfort.

Indeed, having a wi-fi network is certainly a good thing, but it is not always sufficient when looking to enjoy very high-speed, excellent quality connectivity. Today, the tablet, computer or television are no longer the only devices to be connected to the Internet. There are also game consoles and, in the near future, connected objects will be more common and more numerous. So that the connections run smoothly and with perfect quality, the use of the wired network via the RJ45 connector remains the most interesting alternative.

The installation of this socket is also necessary if you plan to convert a bedroom into an office, or if more and more people are connecting to the internet in your home or if you plan to set up a home automation system in your home. .

What does the regulation say?

The digital boom is a reality and the legislator is well aware of it. This is why since January 1, 2008, new constructions, buildings undergoing renovation or undergoing an extension must be equipped with RJ45 sockets in accordance with standard NF C15-100. This connector must therefore be found in at least one main room of the house. It replaces the old T outlets. The installation can be done by yourself, several tutorials exist on the web for this. But you can also contact an electrician who will take care of setting up an installation that complies with the standards in force.