RNA vaccines do not affect sperm quality

By analyzing the semen of male volunteers before and after vaccine injections, American doctors did not observe any deterioration in sperm parameters, quite the contrary.

The effect on fertility is one of the causes of vaccine hesitation

Doctors from the Urology Departments at Miami Medical School (USA) conducted research to find out whether the messenger RNA vaccine did not affect the health of the sperm. These professionals found that one of the causes of vaccine hesitation is the potential negative effect on fertility “.

This is one of the elements that was not verified in the first clinical trials. They then appealed to 45 volunteers aged 28 on average, with no history of Covid-19, of which 21 received the Pfizer vaccine and 24 that of Moderna. Those who were selected had no underlying fertility issues, except for eight candidates, who had oligospermia (sperm concentration less than 15 million per milliliter of semen).

A study on a small sample of sperm

By analyzing the volunteers’ semen before the first injection and about 70 days after the first injection, doctors looked at semen volume, as well as sperm concentration and motility, according to World Health Organization recommendations. Result, no degradation of sperm parameters, even in the eight men with oligospermia. On the contrary, slight increases were observed in sperm and sperm motility..

As this study was conducted on a small staff, it cannot be read as an instruction, but it is good news that may help allay some concerns.