Safety issue: Tesla must recall 10% of vehicles produced since 2003

This is a big blow for automaker Tesla. After having risen sharply on the stock market in recent weeks, the brand has been notified of a safety problem on 158,000 vehicles by the US road safety agency.

US Highway Safety Agency calls for recall of 158,000 Tesla cars

The American road safety agency, NHTSA, released a letter to the manufacturer Tesla on Wednesday January 13, 2021 in which it informed him of a safety problem observed on several of its models. Faced with this safety problem, the NHTSA asks Tesla to recall the 158,000 vehicles concerned.

The safety issue would affect, according to the letter, the Model S sedan models built between 2012 and 2018 and the Model S 4X4 sedans manufactured between 2016 and 2018. The defect discovered by the American agency, would be at the level of the computer on board. The latter would face a memory exhaustion particularly affecting the infotainment system.

A memory failure that can be extremely dangerous

Thus, the letter specifies that the safety problem is linked to a fault in the memory of the on-board computer. The latter would have a limited life cycle and would affect many car programs. The American road safety agency specifies: ” During an MCU failure, the screen turns black and the rear view camera, also a backup camera, is no longer available to the driver. If the image is no longer available, the risk of an accident increases, which can potentially lead to injury or death “.

The request of the American road safety agency, however, is not binding. Tesla is under no obligation to recall the affected models but must nevertheless provide an explanation to NHTSA before January 27, 2021. This recall request is however very impacting for Tesla. Indeed, the 158,000 cars targeted represent 32% of the 499,550 that the brand sold in 2020.

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