Safety rules to follow when changing a chandelier or light fixture

Tackling electrical installations, whether it is simply to change your light fixtures or to install a chandelier, requires compliance with safety instructions, in order to avoid fatal accidents.

Security instructions

In the field of lighting, it is essential, even vital, to comply with safety rules. The vast majority of domestic accidents are actually caused by electricity. It is necessary to be aware of these instructions at all times when doing DIY around lighting and during modification or installation operations.

First of all, before carrying out the work, it is imperative to cut off the electricity and then to dry your hands properly. The soil should show no sign of moisture. Cords and extension cords must not be tangled, they must be properly stored in order to recognize them. It is also necessary to respect the electric power of the bulb. The recommendations issued by the manufacturer must also be taken into consideration in order to avoid certain damage, or even worse, the start of a fire.

Also, as you know, incandescent and halogen bulbs emit heat. It is therefore recommended to keep them away from wood, fabrics or even paper. These types of bulbs as well as staircase lamps or recessed spotlights are not recommended since they can cause burns. This precaution is even more valid if you have children at home.

During the intervention, be sure to use standard tools. Normally, pliers or screwdrivers should have an insulating coating that prevents electricity from passing through.

Finally, during the operation, it is strongly recommended to respect a certain distance from the ceiling and from flammable materials.

Choose the right products

Before rushing to change your lights, make sure you buy the right product first. The point is that quality fixtures must meet certain standards. To recognize the right items, all you need to do is refer to the label. In principle, this should show the required bulb base, lamp voltage and wattage, protection level and protection class.

Specific symbols are indicated on the packaging for devices that show a thermal effect.