Sale of puppies and sale of dogs: the rules to follow!

Since January 1, 2016, the sale of pets, such as dogs, is now subject to new regulations. These new conditions and rules must be observed even before the sale of the dog, during and after.

The regulations to be observed before the sale of the dog

Anyone who has sold a dog from the litter of a bitch belonging to him is called a breeder. If the sale is made on more than one litter per year, the breeder must comply with several regulations. First of all, he must have a certificate issued by bodies approved by the Ministry of Agriculture on his ability to care for and know the needs necessary for the breeding of pets.

He is also required to have a place that meets the standards of protection and welfare of the animal. Obtaining a SIREN number (Information System of the Company Directory) is also essential for the sale, for this the seller must register with the Chamber of Agriculture of his department. This SIREN number allows buyers to better know the identity of the seller and at the same time the breeding conditions of the animal he is going to buy.

The conditions to be met to make the sale

Dogs are sold through sales establishments or a breeder. Whether the sale is made through classified ads or directly on its premises, the seller is required to have his SIREN number. Other information concerning the dog should also be made available to buyers such as the age of the animal and the dog’s identification number or that of its mother. The number of animals in the litter must also be mentioned as well as the registration or not in the genealogical book. All this information allows transparency on the identity of the dog.

The rules to follow after the sale

When the dog is handed over to its new owner, some documents will also be given to it: among others, the veterinary certificate of the animal attesting to its good health, the identification document and the information document on the characteristics and needs. of the dog. Finally, the transfer certificate must also be drawn up and given to the buyer. With all these documents in hand, the new owner can leave with his new pet in good conditions.

Some additional information to know

The SIREN number is not compulsory for the sale of a single litter per year, however, dogs must be registered in the herd books and have their litter number. Likewise for dogs which are given from hand to hand or via classified ads, the gratuity must be mentioned if the individual decides to donate his dog. Any income from the sale of a dog is to be declared and therefore subject to income tax. The sale of a dog is made from 8 weeks and over.

These new regulations apply to pets, cats and dogs. They allow transparent monitoring of breeding and guarantee respect for animal welfare.

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