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Sanitary pass: Sud-Rail calls on railway workers not to check them

Sanitary pass: Sud-Rail calls on railway workers not to check them

In August 2021, the Health Pass will become compulsory for long journeys by train. An obligation which will force the railway workers to check the sanitary passes but also to have one.

A call to strike in the event of a sanction

In a press release published on Monday July 26, 2021, the Sud-Rail union calls the railway workers ” not to carry out checks on health passes “. These will be made necessary for train journeys from August, which will force SNCF agents to check them. Something unimaginable for Sud-Rail, which calls on agents to fill in only ” their only security and ticket control missions “.

This requirement for a health pass for long-distance travel also forces SNCF agents working on board to have the famous pass. The obligation for the SNCF employees concerned will begin as of August 30. An obligation that raises the fear of sanctions. Sud Rail warns that the union ” will not hesitate to call a strike (…) if the State and the management of the SNCF were to confirm their intentions to sanction “Any employee contravening the obligation” by suspension or reclassification “.

Sud-Rail denounces a measure ” discriminatory

In his press release, he supports “ general vaccination on a global scale, (…) best way to stop the pandemic ” corn ” refuses coercion and infringement of freedoms “. The union therefore makes the choice to position itself “ against the health pass “, Judging the latter” discriminatory ” and “ antisocial “.

In the eyes of Sud-Rail, the health pass ” is built against workers, especially those “Who worked” without any protection during the first wave and who this time will be the first to be sanctioned “. The Parliament definitively adopted Sunday, July 25, 2021, the health bill.

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