Sanofi to invest 400 million euros for a plant in Singapore

The French pharmaceutical group Sanofi announced Monday, April 12, 2021, that it would invest 400 million euros in a factory in Singapore.

400 million euros of investment for the French pharmaceutical group

If Sanofi has lost the race for vaccines against Covid-19, there is nonetheless a large pharmaceutical group, which has decided to make a major breakthrough in the Asian market. To do this, the group announced Monday, April 12, 2021 by way of a press release, that it would invest 400 million euros in a production plant in Singapore. Sanofi already has a factory in China which produced 6.8% of the group’s turnover at the end of 2020.

The press release states: ” Sanofi to invest 400 million euros over five years in the creation of a unique vaccine production site in Singapore “. Four vaccines should be produced in the enclosure of this plant which will be commissioned in 2026. The press release does not however specify the nature of the vaccines that will be produced there.

A new kind of Sanofi plant

What makes this plant unique, whose work will begin in the summer of 2021, is the production of three to four vaccines at the same time, where the factories that currently own Sanofi focus on the production of a single vaccine.

The Sanofi press release explains that: “ The plant will also have the flexibility to operate multiple technology platforms for vaccine production using different cell categories. », That is to say to produce both traditional vaccines and messenger RNA vaccines. The press release adds that “ this modularity and flexibility will make it possible to prioritize the production of a specific vaccine in a shorter timeframe, depending on public health issues ”, Which would allow Sanofi to become competitive again in the event of a new wave of pandemic in the years to come.